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Papico Appointed UK Agent to Danimer to Market Plant-based Renewable Hot-melt Adhesive

Published on 2011-10-28. Author : SpecialChem

Yorkshire-based paper agency Papico has been appointed UK agent to a leading U.S bio plastic technology company DaniMer to help it to market its revolutionary plant-based renewable hot melt adhesive to the UK carton industry.

Papico will be particularly beneficial in helping to gain prominence for DaniMer's hot melt adhesive, which is being marketed as a real economic alternative to petro chemical-based products. Director of Papico Tony Knight says: "Bio technology has often had the reputation for being more costly than less environmentally-friendly alternatives, but this bio adhesive will mean carton producers and converters now have a renewable bio-adhesive that is not only competitively priced but also enables companies to offer a truly sustainable piece of packaging."

The hot melt adhesive is made from renewable resources and uses DaniMer's proprietary Seluma condensation polymer technology which enables the finished product to be ASTM 6400 compostable and suitable for hydro-repulping operations for the waste paper recovery supply chain.

The product is suitable for case, carton seal and carton edge sealing and can form a drop-in replacement for most hot melt adhesives. Tony Knight comments: "We are extremely pleased that we have been chosen as the UK agent for DaniMer as its technology has the capacity to create a major difference in making UK carton production even more sustainable and environmentally-friendly."

About DaniMer

DaniMer Scientific, an international corporation, believes people's lives can be improved and the environment can be better protected by utilizing renewable resources to manufacture articles that are intended for short-term use. One of the company's goals is to reduce dependence on petroleum, enabling people and communities to benefit from environmentally-friendly products.

Source: DaniMer

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