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Plant Based Summit 2013 to Focus on Emerging Biobased Products for Adhesives, Plasticizers & more

Published on 2013-04-19. Author : SpecialChem

Biobased chemistry is a strategic and emerging field that has a major role to play in the undergoing transformation of the chemical industry, especially through low carbon processes and biobased molecules. Environmental issues, economic and industrial challenges require a cooperation of all the actors of the value chain. That is the reason why the French biobased chemistry association, ACDV, and Infopro Communications partner to organize the 2013 major biobased products meeting point, the Plant Based Summit.

The Plant Based Summit will take place on 19 - 21 November 2013 in Paris. The event is branded as the place to connect with fellow professionals from the whole biobased value chain this year! The Summit follows up on the successful European Congress on Plant Based Chemistry in 2011.

In 2013 the biobased economy is in the process of going mainstream and deserves an event reflecting these new stakes. The Plant Based Summit is hosted by the ACDV (the Association for Plant Based Chemistry) and recognizes the industry's need for a dedicated international forum where users and producers of biobased products can find a full spectrum of processes, new materials and solutions.

Biobased Chemistry is at a tipping point and is about to leave its niche status to become a crucial actor in a paradigm transformation of the global chemical industry the organisers believe. Biobased products with their strategic potential represent a new lead market worldwide, generating the necessity to create the efficient technology and market conditions for the future of this promising sector.

The Plant Based Summit is the natural platform for the most involved actors and innovative performers and aims to attract more than 1,000 participants, 100 speakers, 50 exhibitors around 40 conference sessions and round tables. Speakers will include SusChem board member Peter Nagler from Evonik and Rob Kirschbaum from DSM.

The venue for the Plant Based summit is the Pavilion d'Armenonville on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne in the French capital. This charming renovated 18th century hunting lodge combines the elegance of 'Belle Epoque' architecture with the very latest conference technology.

Plant Based Program

The summit program aims at gathering all the decision makers of the chemical industry value chain with a conference agenda divided into four thematic streams:

  • Industrial and consumer products
  • Plastics and Materials
  • New and Emerging technologies
  • Global context

Industrial and consumer products will look at the latest innovations and developments in applications of biobased components for formulations, either industrial formulation: lubricants, adhesives, plasticizers, paints, coatings, inks and solvents etc. or formulations dedicated to consumer goods: home care, personal care and so on.

Biobased plastics and plant based materials represent an important part of the bioeconomy growth opportunity and this session will cover the latest developments and innovations, targeting plastics production and formulation as well as new markets opportunities. Biobased plastics performance could be equivalent to fossil-based plastics but based on renewable resources will be more sustainable. The new biobased materials can also bring new functionalities and are finding applications in almost all applications, including building, transportation, sport, packaging etc.

New and Emerging technologies for biobased products production will reflect the recent emergence of synthetic biology, the development of biotechnology applications and at the same time growing interest for new industrial technologies: gasification, supercritical fluids, microwaves, electric pulsed fields, membranes technologies, microreactors etc. with a focus on potential application to biomass transformation for biobased chemicals and biomaterials production.

The Global Context summit thematic stream will be divided into four sessions:
  • Resources for the biobased economy
  • Financing the biobased economy
  • Promoting innovation - Cooperation projects
  • Sustainability and Standardization

About ACDV

Players in the chemical and agro-resource fields have become aware of the benefits of pooling skills, know-how and resources within a single structure to give bio-based chemistry every opportunity to develop itself successfully in Europe. Throughout this vision of sharing means and this determination, the Association Chimie du Végétal (plant-based rather described as "bio-based" Chemistry Association) was created in 2008. This initiative is unique in Europe and brings together, for the first time, the industrial players directly involved in the sector. The aim the association has set for itself is to create all the industrial, economical and political conditions conducive to the development of this new sector, within the framework of competitive, responsible and sustainable agriculture and chemistry.

About SusChem

SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. SusChem addresses challenges specific to the European chemical and industrial biotechnology industry for the benefit of society as a whole.

Source: SusChem

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