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Polymer Science releases new silicone gel adhesive products

Published on 2009-02-05. Author : SpecialChem

Polymer Science has introduced a new line of general market silicone gel adhesives at MD&M West (booth 1646). Since 1998, Polymer Science has provided customized solutions for the adhesive and coating challenges of the evolving global medical market. Polymer Science adhesive and coated products are used internationally in mainstream private label consumer and professional healthcare products. Leveraging this experience, Polymer Science has developed 3 new general purpose adhesives and improved manufacturing technology for customized applications to meet the demands of the current medical market. The silicone gel adhesive constructions work well in skin contact applications because they are hypoallergenic and offer gentle release characteristics from the skin. The non-irritating silicone gel adheres well to the many contours of the body, yet removes cleanly from the skin, leaving no residue on skin or fabrics. Once applied, the silicone gel resists moisture from perspiration, bathing or the environment. As a sterilized finished device, the products work well in applications such as neonatal, wound care, hypertrophic scar therapy, and medical device attachment due to atraumatic removal from even the most delicate of skin. As a nonsterile product, the gel adhesives are ideal for consumer product applications requiring direct skin contact such as concealing and attachment applications. If required, the gel can be removed, washed with soap and water and reapplied after drying.

PS-1154 is a double coated pressure sensitive adhesive offering a 10 mil high adhesion silicone gel adhesive on one side of a polyurethane film and the opposite side coated with a 2 mil permanent acrylic adhesive. PS-1154 is perfect for applications such as medical devices where a hypoallergenic skin interface is required, yet additional medical device components or circuitry may be attached to the medical grade acrylic. PS-1154 may also be used as the base for advanced wound care products with the addition of exudate adsorption layers or consumer applications such as adhesive bras and concealing products. Other applications include surgical drapes as it can provide the skin contact and drape interface.

PS-1155 is a single coated gel adhesive with 10 mil of silicone gel coated onto a thin polyurethane backing. The backing provides flexibility and transparency offering non-intrusive medical device attachment, ideal for hypertrophic scar management and wound care applications.

PS-1156 offers the same 10 mil silicone gel which provides good skin adhesion, but provides a flexible, tan polyurethane foam backing ideal for use as a non-conspicuous base material. The urethane foam backing resists stains and has a low coefficient of friction to reduce unintended flagging of during normal use. PS-1156 is ideal for use in neonatal, medical device attachment, wound care and consumer concealing products.

Customized silicone gels offering a range of adhesive characteristics are available which can be coated as continuous or discontinuous configurations on a variety of substrates and backings to impart desired physical and mechanical properties to the finished medical device. Discontinuous coatings have the added advantage of near infinite moisture breathability and control of liquid transfer away from critical contact sites such as an open wound. Discontinuous products are available as converted products and will be available for review at the Polymer Science Booth 1646.

In addition to supplying coated roll stock, Polymer Science can provide turnkey service for medical device applications, drawing from technology and experience shared with preferred converters such as Marian Incorporated based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Marian has been a leader in the conversion of flexible products since 1954 offering flatbed and rotary conversion, packaging and precision slitting capabilities to its clients world wide. These same capabilities are available in-house to provide the flexibility and convenience of working with a single design team throughout the manufacturing process of your unique product from conception to commercialization. This model has been proven successful repeatedly to minimize overall cost of the project, decreasing product costs to clients and shortening time to market as evidenced in diagnostic and advanced wound care applications.

Polymer Science is committed to manufacturing products for its customers that will continually meet or exceed their expectations. Medical products are manufactured at Polymer Science in controlled environments by highly trained personnel familiar with the demands of each process and specific challenges unique to each product. Polymer Science has a documented quality system compliant with 21 CFR 820, is registered with the FDA as a medical device manufacturer and is certified to the current ISO9000:2008 standard to ensure that a consistent quality is maintained allowing time for you to focus on your business growth rather than product or manufacturing issues.

Source: Polymer Science

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