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Purac & Perstorp Form Alliance to Develop Caprolactone Lactide Co-product for Adhesives & more

Published on 2013-03-15. Author : SpecialChem

Gorinchem -- Purac, a leading player in natural food preservation and biobased building blocks & chemicals, and Perstorp, a leading specialty chemicals company announced a research and business development partnership for caprolactone lactide co-product, for amongst others coatings and adhesive markets.

Combining the complementary strengths of Purac in renewable lactic acid based chemicals and Perstorp in specialty products for coatings and plastics has already resulted in partly renewable caprolactone lactide co-products. Possible uses for these new caprolactone lactide co-products are, amongst others, as polyols for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers and as hot-melt adhesives. Its unique composition makes it possible to control both the melting point and mechanical properties and reduce the crystallinity of polyols.

"We look forward to our cooperation with Perstorp. Our first jointly developed caprolactone lactide co-products show that the modification of existing resins with biobased PURALACTR lactide adds value to the value chain by combining increased sustainability with enhanced performance", according to Vice President Chemical & Pharma, Marco Bootz.

"We are very excited about this strategic partnership with Purac, which has a strong position in bio-based products for a broad range of industries. With Perstorp's strong position in specialty products for coatings and plastics, our respective skills and experience comprise a good foundation for a successful research and business development and means that we are expanding our Capa™ range with partly renewable products," says Market Development Director, Hâkan Björnberg.

The new caprolactone lactide co-products will be launched to the market by Perstorp during 2013 and presented both at K-fair and at the European Coatings Show. A number of lead customers have already been supplied with the new co-resins and have approved these in their final products.

About Purac

Purac is a leading company in lactic acid based chemistry and the worldwide market leader in lactic acid, lactic acid derivatives and lactides. Purac is innovation driven and develops new products, technology and services in close cooperation with customers and knowledge centers. Purac has 80 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of its products in a broad range of industries. Purac operates production plants in the USA, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and Thailand and markets its products through a worldwide network of sales offices and distributors. Purac is headquartered in The Netherlands and is a part of CSM.

About Perstorp

The Perstorp Group is the world leader in several sectors of the specialty chemicals market for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are used in the aerospace, marine, coatings, chemicals, plastics, engineering and construction industries. They can also be found in automotive, agricultural feed, food, packaging, textile, paper and electronics applications. Perstorp has approximately 1,600 employees and manufacturing units in ten countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Sales amount to more than SEK 11 billion (€1.45 billion). At the end of 2005 Perstorp Holding AB, controlled by the French private equity company PAI partners, acquired the Perstorp Group.

Source: Perstorp

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