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RAMPF at Bondexpo 2014: to Showcase DR-CNC Dispensing Robot for Bonding, Sealing and more

Published on 2014-08-12. Author : SpecialChem

Zimmern o.R., -- The DR-CNC DISPENSING ROBOT from RAMPF Production Systems is the ideal solution for complex bonding, sealing, foaming, and casting requirements. Visitors to Bondexpo 2014, taking place in Stuttgart, Germany, from October 6 - 9, can see for themselves the benefits of the innovative dispensing system at Stand 7501 in Hall 7.

With its separate material conditioning unit, the dispensing robot offers maximum flexibility for dynamic bonding, sealing, and casting. Variable X-Y-Z strokes also enable three-dimensional material application.

Up-to-the-minute Sinumerik 840D Solution Line control technology with OP08 operating panel means the DR-CNC combines the mixing and dispensing system with maintenance-free CNC linear axes. The result is flawless interplay between the dispensing process and axis motion sequences.

Flexible automation solutions are also possible – from manual through to automatic part loading. In addition, the modular control architecture allows for complete and effortless integration into production systems. Not only that, recipe management makes programming for different part types both simple and flexible.

Precision gear pumps near to the mixing system, servo-driven gear pumps for up to four components, and short hoses to the mixing system all unite to deliver high levels of dispensing accuracy. A dual mixing system and rapid dispensing speeds significantly enhance the productivity of the production process.

Additional fit-out options for the DR-CNC include:
  • High-pressure rinse recycling system or high-pressure water rinsing system
  • Nucleation controller for air load controls
  • Material recirculation system and temperature controller
  • Automatic thin-film degassing for bubble-free casting
  • Various types of automation equipment available (rotary index tables, shuttle tables, conveyor lines, customized automation)
  • Individual process monitoring and visualization
  • 12” color display, process data collection, interfacing to customers’ PPS
  • Gantry axis for bigger work area
  • Up to 5 material components
  • Teachpendant HT8

Live at Bondexpo:

Processing of fast-curing soft integral foam RAKU-PUR® Speed At Bondexpo 2014, the dispensing robot will process the fast-curing soft integral foam RAKU-PUR® Speed from RAMPF Polymer Solutions. Once the foam has been applied, the component is suitable for immediate further processing without the need to invest in curing equipment. Costly storage in curing ovens or storage systems is a thing of the past – ambient temperature is sufficient to cure the sealing material. RAKU-PUR® Speed, which won first place in the inaugural RAMPF INNOVATION AWARD, is ideal for use in all technologies that require short cycle times.


RAMPF GROUP, INC. is the North American subsidiary of the RAMPF GROUP of companies, which is based in Germany. Since 2003, RAMPF Group, Inc. has been offering customized solutions for the North American market, including RAKU-PUR®, RAKU-POX® and RAKU-SIL® reactive resin products, dynamic mixing and dispensing systems for reliable processing of single- and multi-component polymers, as well RAKU-TOOL® tooling products. All these products and solutions are being developed by RAMPF companies in Germany and produced on site by RAMPF Group, Inc. The company has multiple warehouses across the U.S. to support its business: in Portland, OR, in Buena Park, CA, in Wixom, MI, and in Suwanee, GA. In November 2013, RAMPF set up its Close Con-tour Centre in Lake Forest, CA.


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