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RAMPF to Display Sealing and Bonding Solutions Based on Renewable Raw Materials at 5th Bondexpo

Published on 2011-10-06. Author : SpecialChem

The 5th Bondexpo, Trade Fair for Industrial Bonding Technology, will be opening its gates at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center from October 10 to 13, 2011. For RAMPF Giessharze and RAMPF Dosiertechnik, companies in the RAMPF Group, this year's Bondexpo is shaped by the topic of sustainability. As suppliers of raw materials, products and machinery, the companies in the RAMPF Group are supporting their customers with the development of a solution based on renewable raw materials. RAMPF Giessharze, a manufacturer of polyurethane and epoxy resins and silicons and a supplier of solutions for sealing, casting, bonding and designing based on renewable raw materials, will be exhibiting its products and services at Stand 7501 in Hall 7. RAMPF Dosiertechnik, a leading manufacturer of low-pressure mixing and dispensing systems, will be showcasing its perfectly coordinated machine solution for reliably processing organic polymers.

Thanks to the targeted modification and functionalization of renewable raw materials, organic polyols can replace traditional plastics based on fossil fuels. "In two-component systems, the polyol component can be replaced with an organic polyol. As a manufacturer of sealing, casting and bonding solutions, this opens up completely new opportunities for all kinds of industrial applications," explains Dr. Klaus Schamel, Managing Director of RAMPF Giessharze. The starting materials for new plastics with improved mechanical properties are natural raw materials such as vegetable oils, maize, wood (lignin) and greases. "The challenge lies in the long-term development of organic polyurethanes," continues Schamel.

At its trade fair stand, RAMPF Giessharze will be showcasing a broad range of applications involving sealing, casting, bonding and designing, such as a charging connector for electric vehicles, climbing holds for indoor sports centers and sensors cast using a RAKU-PUR electro casting resin. Visitors to Bondexpo will have the opportunity to see both the material and machine technology from a single source. RAMPF Dosiertechnik will be using the picture of a sunflower to provide a live demonstration of the contour-precise application of the RAKU-PUR 32-3275® thixotropic soft integral foam on the DC-CNC low-pressure mixing and dispensing system with 3-axis CNC carriage. RAKU-PUR 32-3275 is a two-component system based on polyurethane that contains no solvents or plasticizers. What sets this new system apart is its water absorption of less than 5 percent.

The thixotropic soft integral foam exhibits high mechanical strength and excellent sealing properties. By means of a live demonstration of the compact foam, RAMPF Dosiertechnik plans to present its DC-CNC dispensing cell for 2D or 3D application of casting, sealing and bonding systems. The basic set-up of the fully enclosed DC-CNC is equipped with an integrated control cabinet and a 2-component material conditioning system. Further features include the Siemens Sinumerik modular control system and integrated process control for continuous monitoring of pressure, fill level and speed. The mixing and dispensing system can optionally be equipped with a high-pressure rinse agent recycling system, high-pressure water rinsing or various items of automation equipment, such as a turntable or sliding table, depending on the application in question.


Since 1980 RAMPF Giessharze has been developing and manufacturing casting resins made of polyurethane (PUR), epoxy and silicone with large success: Since the "One Man Show" of the early times, Rampf Giessharze has become one of the prominent enterprises within the range of the reactive casting resins. RAMPF systems are used for sealing, casting, embedding, designing and bonding.

Source: RAMPFo

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