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Renosol introduces plastisol compounding

Published on 2010-06-09. Author : SpecialChem

Renosol Corporation has added plastisol compounding capability in its Bay City, Michigan, manufacturing site, bringing production capacity closer to key Renosol customers.

Plastisol is a liquid plastic commonly used in molding and dipping applications. Because of its durability, resistance to oil and water, and ability to retain its appearance, many manufacturers use plastisol to make consumer products that must be tough: tool grips, gaskets, caps and plugs, vehicle armrests, floor mats, furniture coatings and toys.

Plastisol is made by combining PVC with a softening agent or plasticizer, as well as additives that contribute desirable qualities such as softness, heat and light stability, and color.

Many consumer products, from furniture to toys, require exactly matched, brilliant, lasting color. Renosol Corporation provides a suite of OEM approved colors that also deliver required fogging characteristics for vehicle interiors. Plastisol is a popular material for use in products that may get scratched or dented, as plastisol parts are the same color throughout.

Source: Renosol Corporation

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