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Researchers Find Way to Extract Oil from Pig Waste & Form Asphalt

Published on 2016-08-01. Author : SpecialChem

Pig farmers around the world have a major complaint and it involves the ever-present challenge of what to do with the nearly 43 billion gallons of pig excrement, or manure, that is generated every year.

Durable Asphalt for Highway Traffic

Researchers Find Way to Extract Oil from Pig Waste & Form Asphalt
Researchers Find Way to Extract Oil
from Pig Waste & Form Asphalt

Professor Elle Fini and a team of researchers at North Carolina A&T State University have discovered what they believe to be the not so distant future of paved roadways.

Through the support of the National Science Foundation, the team has found a way to extract the rich oil that is found in pig waste, and mix it with rocks to form a new type of asphalt durable enough for highway traffic, which they call Bio-Adhesive.

The extensive and tedious research, which has included putting samples of the new material through rigorous vehicle simulators and tests to determine its durability, has proven to be a success. In fact, Fini and a group of partners have set up a company called Bio-Adhesives Alliance.

“We test it to see if it will rock or sag too much because it shouldn’t do that. Also it shouldn’t crack at low temperatures. We think it’s scalable and cost wise its profitable,” said Fini. “Our vision is to help the farmer and help the construction industry; both sides. We see a win/win solution.”

The new product is so efficient that nearly nothing goes to waste. During processing, the foul, off-putting aroma is filtered out, and even the by-products of the bio-adhesive can be used by farmers as fertilizer.

At only $0.56 per gallon to process, Bio-Adhesive is an extremely viable solution to further reduce the country’s dependence on the more expensive petroleum. It’s safe to say the product is on track to be as widely utilized and available as its raw material is abundant.

About N.C. A&T

From its roots as an 1890 land-grant university, N.C. A&T has expanded and adapted to become a school fit for the 21st century and beyond.

N.C. A&T still has award-winning faculty, intensive research programs and community-focused initiatives — but now its campus is more diverse, our curriculum includes nanoengineering and its idea of public service encompasses not only Greensboro, but the world.

N.C. A&T believes in the power of its students to solve problems, both local and global, through technology, business, engineering, the arts and other endeavors. N.C. A&T believes that through exemplary instruction and interdisciplinary studies, through scholarly and creative research, and through courage and community service, N.C. A&T prepares students to enhance the quality of life for themselves, the citizens of North Carolina, the nation, and the world.

Source: N.C. A&T

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