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Revolymer®'s RevBond™ Technology Makes Adhesives & Sealants More Durable & Robust

Published on 2010-10-05. Author : SpecialChem

Revolymer® Ltd has applied its innovative polymer technology to the adhesives and sealants markets with the launch of RevBond™. From bath sealants to plasters, paints and glues, RevBond™ can be incorporated in multiple ways to improve a product's performance.

The primary attribute of adhesives and sealants is their ability to stick effectively, but multiple factors can affect their performance; particularly water and contaminants.

Revolymer®'s RevBond™ technology applies a polymer formulation that enables adhesives and sealants to be more durable, flexible and robust in a variety of environmental conditions. The inclusion of polymers with controlled and tailored water sensitivity in adhesive and sealant formulations opens up a host of new technical possibilities to the formulators and users of such products. Benefits include:

  • Stickability to wet surfaces: RevBond™ technology enables a number of sealants and adhesives to work on wet surfaces from masking tape in households, to plasters on skin and in industrial settings where adhesives and sealants need to be applied in a variety of different environments.

  • Resistance to fungal growth: Frequently encountered in bathrooms, kitchens & other high humidity environments, RevBond™'s polymer formulation makes it resistant to unsightly microbial contamination, such as mould.

  • Robust and durable: Paramount in many structural bonding applications, RevBond™'s incorporation into adhesives and sealants strengthens the product, so yielding a durable joint.

  • Environmentally sustainable: In book and magazine binding the adhesives used are often responsible for the difficulties encountered in recycling. This also applies to the pressure sensitive adhesives which are often used to add special inserts into the publications.

RevBond™ polymers, with their controlled responses, can be engineered for incorporation into these adhesives to improve their recyclability. The current global market for adhesives and sealants is well in excess of EUR40 billion. There is a constant drive for product innovation yet there have been few broadly applicable technologies which can potentially differentiate brands. RevBond™ offers manufacturers a new innovative solution that has the potential to transform their product lines.

"This is another example of where we are able to capitalize on our investment in key polymers for the chewing gum market, such that we are in a position to develop new formulations for adhesives and sealants with an increase in performance in several applications," said Roger Pettman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Revolymer®. "In order to commercialize the technology, I am delighted to welcome David Whyman to the company who has many years experience in business development. David, previously Incorez Limited's General Sales Manager with responsibility for the coatings, adhesives and sealants markets in Europe, USA, Middle East and the Far East, is a graduate Chemist fluent in German and he joins Revolymer® following a number of successful years working with international, market leading companies."

About Revolymer® Ltd

Revolymer® is a technology development company which has developed a unique portfolio of products and formulations for the FMCG industry. Using commercially available and inexpensive polymers, Revolymer® applies its innovative proprietary approach to formulate novel polymers to revolutionize consumer products. Current applications for the company's technology are in the Confectionery Chewing Gum, Medicated Chewing Gum, Household Products, Personal Care and Coatings & Adhesives sectors of the FMCG industry.

Source: Revolymer® Ltd

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