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Rinco Ultrasonics Awarded Two U.S. Patents for its Ultrasonic Sealing Technology

Published on 2014-11-06. Author : SpecialChem

CHICAGO -- Rinco Ultrasonics, a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, has recently been awarded two U.S. patents for its PPS0145 film sealing technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible pouch packaging. The patented technology has resulted in the development of a high-force, high-speed solution which elevates ultrasonic welding to a new performance level, enabling users to increase seal strength, improve aesthetics, and broaden the processing window versus competitive ultrasonic sealing and heat sealing processes. Rinco made the announcement at Pack Expo International Nov. 2-5 (Booth #5463) at McCormick Place in Chicago.

The two new patents were recently granted to Gordon Hull, U.S. managing director of Rinco Ultrasonics. “We believe we’ve developed a next-generation actuator which shatters the preconceived notion that ultrasonic seals must be unattractive, narrow, and straight,” said Hull. “Further, the new technology significantly opens the processing window for the ultrasonic sealing process.” Rinco’s plan is to strengthen its position in flexible packaging with these breakthrough film sealing solutions which simplify the use of ultrasonic sealing and create more aesthetically pleasing seals.

Rinco’s new patented technologies include an ultra-narrow, high-speed/high-force actuator (US 8,591,679) and a pedestal-mounted high-force actuator retrofit system (US 8,689,850). These new systems from Rinco fit most major in-line horizontal or rotary horizontal pouch filling machinery, making it the most modular and adaptable system available on the market.

The breakthrough FPA 4500-S system incorporates a simple fluidic muscle design which allows for high speed and high force buildup to meet the needs and demands of 24-hour packaging facilities. This slim innovative system accommodates a small footprint and allows the unit to be easily serviced with replacement components that are inexpensive.

Meanwhile, Rinco’s FPA 4500-T pedestal or horizontal mounted welding system allows for a simple bolt-in replacement of current heat seal stations or for use by original equipment manufacturers as a purchased unit that gives them multiple options for their customers’ wide range of product and pouch filling needs. The FPA 4500-T system is CE certified and IP67 rated thus assuring users and OEMs of high quality and compliance with regulatory directives.

The company’s new FPA series ultrasonic pouch sealing systems incorporate the patented technology for flexible packaging of dry and liquid foods, personal care items, and electronics. They have been designed to replace existing heat sealing equipment on liquid filled pouch form-fill-seal (FFS) machinery or pre-made pouch systems.

Due to the nature of traditional ultrasonic sealing processes, the surface area of the bond must be kept to a minimum to focus the frictional forces that are applied. This results in today’s very narrow and straight conventional ultrasonic seals throughout the packaging industry. Rinco’s unique PPS0145 interlocking film sealing technology permits seal patterns with greater surface area than competitive ultrasonic seals. The unique interlocking design creates a wide lattice of extremely focused lines of force within the seal area. This creates seals over a much greater overall surface area, while still focusing the initial contact point as required by the process.

Rinco manufactures the FPA series ultrasonic pouch sealing system at its Danbury facility.

About Rinco Ultrasonics
Rinco Ultrasonics is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of ultrasonic bonding and cutting machinery. Since 1997, the company, based in Romanshorn, Switzerland, has been an affiliate of the Crest Group, making them American owned. The company operates internationally, employing more than 100 persons worldwide. The company’s products are used to weld plastic components and to cut synthetic textiles as well as food products. The modular design of the systems enables them to be easily retooled and upgraded. With a wide range of frequencies and power outputs, Rinco can offer a suitable system for almost any application. With nine wholly owned subsidiaries, including the Danbury Conn. operation in the U.S., Rinco offers a global presence and wide-reaching technical support.

Source: Rinco Ultrasonics 

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