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Braskem Appointed Safic Alcan as Distribution Partner for its Unilene® Range

Published on 2018-03-15. Author : SpecialChem

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  Safic Alcan & Braskem's Distribution Partnership
Braskem has selected Safic Alcan for the distribution of its full range of UNILENE® resins in several European countries. The agreement includes: United Kingdom, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and the Adriatic region.

Unilene- Thermoplastic Aromatic C9 Hydrocabon Resins

UNILENE® is the ideal material for high performance applications in the rubber, adhesives and coatings industries. These thermoplastic aromatic C9 hydrocarbon resins are compatible with most solvents and polymeric materials.

Important Feature of Unilene resins

UNILENE® resins allow improving the process-ability of rubber compounds, fillers incorporation, dispersion and tack of the mixture. They also provide tack, wetting, cohesion, open time control and water repellency in hot melt and solvent based adhesives.

Rutger de Mos, Sales Manager Specialties at BRASKEM Netherlands BV said, :

BRASKEM is happy to appoint SAFIC-ALCAN to be our distributor in the above mentioned countries. We trust SAFIC-ALCAN to be the right partner for increasing market share in the appointed countries in Europe of our UNILENE® resins.”

Philippe Combette, CEO of Safic-Alcan stated,:

Rubber & Adhesives are parts of the DNA of SAFIC-ALCAN group. So, we are very happy to have been appointed by BRASKEM and to represent a such strong and reliable company

Source: Safic-Alcan
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