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SAPICI Waterborne PUR Adhesives for Flexible Packaging Help Nurturing Industrial Innovation

Published on 2014-07-18. Author : SpecialChem

SAPICI competence, passion and continued investment in research and development not only allow the Company’s clients to access new, sustainable and effective products and solutions, but they also make available advanced formulations for R&D activities carried on by Universities and other international organizations.

This is the case of a research project conducted by the Department of Food, Environmental and Nutritional Sciences – Packaging Division, of the University of Milan, Italy. Coordinated by Prof. Luciano Piergiovanni, the project has investigated the possibility of laminating polyester CNC (Cellulose Nano-Crystals) coated films to a polyolefinic layer by using special waterborne adhesives. In fact, the laminates properties are directly related to the affinity between the laminating film, CNCs and the selected adhesive that represents a key element in the final structure. The best results in terms of oxygen-barrier and mechanical properties have been obtained with the combination of PET coated (CNCs) / PE. SAPICI waterborne specific polyurethane adhesives for flexible packaging have contributed to both the effectiveness and the sustainability values of the studied solutions.

The positive and promising results of the project, aimed at evaluating the feasibility for demanding food packaging of novel multilayer structures, make it possible a complete low impact process: CNCs, the perfect efficiencies of nanotechnologies from renewable resource, no-emission waterborne adhesives, one plastic barrier film less. The final packaging (PET / CNC / waterborne PUD adhesive / PE) shows incredible gas and vapor barrier, and it is now opening new sustainability routes for the food packaging industry.

“Nano-cellulose has potential applications across several industrial sectors and allows the development of innovative materials, as well as the enhancement of conventional materials properties. The nano-scale cellulose can be utilized, in fact, as filler, in composites manufacture, as coating and as self-standing thin films, achieving always very interesting and promising properties. These properties, together with fundamental aspects such as its renewable nature, non-food agricultural based sources, biodegradability and/or biocompatibility, low cost and low energy consumption is attracting a huge attention, pulled also by the general interest towards a sustainable economy able to overcome today’s dependency on fossil sources. The use of nano-cellulose as a barrier coating on common flexible materials, protected by polyolefin layer by means of adequate adhesives, seems the most promising application in the field,” articulated professor Luciano Piergiovanni of the University of Milan.

“SAPICI specific know-how and experience in the development, manufacturing and application of specialty polyurethane adhesives for the Flexible Packaging industry have been instrumental to conduct this scientific investigation, and we are proud of our contribution to its success. SAPICI products once again prove to be at the forefront of the industries we serve,” highlighted Attilio Borlenghi, SAPICI Flexible Packaging Manager.

“SAPICI 20-year experience in the development, production and commercialization of special polyurethane adhesives for our Flexible packaging Clients is a recognized excellence built on our 78 years of continued success and innovation in the PU industry,” commented Cristian Furiosi, SAPICI General Manager. “We serve the market worldwide with state-of-the-art products and services, demonstrating both our commitment and techno-commercial abilities,” Furiosi added.

The innovative R&D project “Strategies for Implementing Nano-Cellulose Coatings in Flexible Packaging“was presented during the 6th Edition of the Shelf Life International Meeting held on June 11-13, 2014 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

About SAPICI Flexible Packaging

SAPICI entered the Flexible Packaging business in 1995, leveraging its experience in the polyurethane industry since the early Sixties. SAPICI specific offering to its clients worldwide has developed to include a complete range of competitive solutions branded as Polurene FP and Polurflex.


Established in Italy in 1936, S.A.P.I.C.I. S.p.A. is a global innovation and full-quality driven developer and manufacturer of advanced and high-performance polyurethane products for such applications as Coating, Flexible Packaging, Industrial Adhesives, Prepolymers, Inks, and more. SAPICI combines its product offering with direct and tailored services to its customers worldwide including continued technical assistance, research and development, and industrialization. SAPICI technical knowhow and testing and analysis equipment allow its highly qualified workforce to anticipate and satisfy the needs and requirements of its most demanding customers, contributing to paving their way to further sustainable success. Over 160 SAPICI employees located in the Company’s commercial offices and in the three production sites in Italy and China serve their customers supported by a capillary technical and commercial global organization.

Source: SAPICI

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