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Sartomer releases hydrocarbon resin in molten form

Published on 2004-02-03. Author : SpecialChem

Sartomer Company has announced the availability of its hydrocarbon resin in molten form, which simplifies production handling, enabling hot-melt adhesive manufacturers to shorten production cycling times and boost overall efficiency.

Molten Norsolene resin helps improve operating efficiency in a number of ways. First, instead of being delivered in pastille form in 50-lb bags or on 2,500-lb skids - which occupy precious floor space, require manpower to move, and generate packaging waste - the molten resin is delivered by tank wagon. This delivery method simplifies product handling by enabling workers to pump the liquid resin directly from the tank wagon into the storage tank.

Second, because the resin does not require melting before the batch processing stage, production cycling times are shortened. Finally, unlike pastilles, the molten resin does not produce dust, which dramatically reduces the amount of time that must be spent cleaning the factory.

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