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Sauereisen Introduces Epoxy Based Hi-Build Filler Compound for Concrete Surfaces

Published on 2011-01-24. Author : SpecialChem

Pittsburgh -- Sauereisen introduces its new Hi-Build Filler Compound No. 209HB for preparation of concrete surfaces. No. 209HB is a strong-bonding epoxy material that was specifically engineered to fill large voids and open joints in concrete substrates prior to the application of a protective topcoat.

"No. 209HB fills a market need as a fast-setting repair product where a consistent bonding surface must be attained," said Dave Snider, Western Regional Manager, Sauereisen, Inc. "No. 209HB was designed to excel in filling large overhead voids without sagging."

Sauereisen's original Filler Compound No. 209 is typically used for lo-build projects and "skim-coating," however there was increasing demand for a material that could be used to fill large gaps and applied in thicknesses up to one inch in a single installation. No. 209HB is formulated to be lightweight, which allows for the thicker application. Compared to cement-based patching compounds, Sauereisen's epoxy fillers exhibit greater strength and durability. The product is easy to apply and creates a smooth finish and appropriate bonding surface for the preparation and application of a protective coating or lining.

The physical properties include compressive strength exceeding 5,000 psi. It has a curing time of 30 minutes at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a recoat window of 24 hours, enabling fast track scheduling.

About Sauereisen

Established in 1899, Sauereisen is a third-generation manufacturer that provides worldwide product distribution of corrosion-resistant materials. The company is dedicated to establishing expertise in the prevention of corrosion and the restoration of structures affected by it. Sauereisen coatings and linings are commonly specified within the aggressive environments of the wastewater, power, food processing and chemical industries.


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