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SCIGRIP to Acquire Arjay Technologies

Published on 2016-09-23. Author : SpecialChem

Durham, NC, USA – SCIGRIP has completed an agreement to acquire Arjay Technologies Incorporated, the Florida-based manufacturer of high performance bonding compounds for the composites industry.

Low-cost Resin-based Bonding Compounds

SCIGRIP to Acquire Arjay Technologies
SCIGRIP to Acquire Arjay Technologies

SCIGRIP’s purchase of Arjay Technologies represents another strategic step in the company’s long term growth plan, and will provide significant benefits for new, and existing, customers of both organizations.

A Direct Route to MMA Products

SCIGRIP is now able to offer manufacturers a versatile set of low cost resin-based bonding compounds, with properties tailored to a wide range of composite bonding applications. In addition, end users working with Arjay compounds now have a direct route to MMA products from the SCIGRIP portfolio, when the highest performance or shortest cure times are required.

Arjay Technologies has, in the past, been primarily focused on the marine sector. With this acquisition, SCIGRIP is not only perfectly placed to make Arjay products available to a much wider audience via its countrywide distributors, but also to take the products and technologies successfully into new industrial markets.

The Arjay brand name will remain, with products available for order through the current direct and distribution outlets. SCIGRIP is in the process of finalizing the national growth strategy to link the existing Arjay sales functions to the wider SCIGRIP network, so that both Arjay and SCIGRIP products are available wherever and whenever the customer requires.

“The SCIGRIP and Arjay product portfolios deliver the most competitive solutions in the marketplace and we look forward to a period of accelerated growth thanks to this exciting synergy,” remarks John Reeves, President, SCIGRIP.


About Founded in 1974, ARJAY began as a fiberglass parts supplier, catering mainly to major boat builders. Its success in this competitive area was based on developing and applying innovative materials and processes to reduce cost, raise quality and ultimately increase output. Here are a few examples of ARJAY's innovation over the years:

About SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions

SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions combines two global leaders in the adhesives industry, Weld-On and Holdtite, enabling the manufacture of world class structural and engineered adhesive products on a global scale. SCIGRIP has a strong research and development team focused on addressing customers' specific application demands as well as improving customer productivity to achieve ultimate success. SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of IPS Corporation, a dedicated, successful adhesives manufacturer for over 65 years.

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