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SCIGRIP Increases Production of Acrylic Adhesive in UK

Published on 2016-09-20. Author : SpecialChem

Washington, UK -- In response to customer demand, SCIGRIP has scaled up production of the acrylic bonding system SG42 at its UK facility.

Acrylic and PMMA Adhesives Replace Mechanical Joining Techniques

SCIGRIP Increases Production of Acrylic Adhesive in UK
SCIGRIP Increases Production of Acrylic Adhesive in UK
Acrylic and PMMA adhesives are increasingly replacing mechanical joining techniques due to the products high strength, high modulus and superior adhesion capabilities. However, until now, SG42 was only manufactured at SCIGRIP’s US headquarters which resulted in extended lead times for European customers.

SCIGRIP 42 is primarily formulated to bond

  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic to polyester 
  • Cellulose acetate butyrate and polycarbonate plus a range of other substrates

Mostly Used

  • The high strength system is used with great success in the sign and display and plastic fabrication industries 
  • Particularly effective where good clarity retention is required such as aquariums, windows, windscreens and display cases

SCIGRIP 42 - for Bonding of Acrylic Plastics
SCIGRIP 42 - for Bonding of Acrylic Plastics
Following a considerable site upgrade and installation of the latest mixing equipment at SCIGRIP’s facility in Washington in Tyne and Wear, SCIGRIP can now formulate the powerful acrylic adhesive in substantial volumes.

“Our ability to rapidly supply customers with a strong and efficient acrylic based technology is a key focus. We appreciate the untapped potential within the European sign and display market and plastics fabrication industries and look to further develop SCIGRIP’s profile in this sector”, remarks Tim Johnson, SCIGRIP’s European Sales and Marketing Manager.

SGIGRIP SG42 is part of a complimentary portfolio of products formulated to bond a diverse range of substrates in these markets. These include:
  • SCIGRIP 40 - a two component, reactive, high strength adhesive formulated to bond extruded, cast and cross linked acrylic (poly-methyl methacrylate) materials
  • SCIGRIP 16 - a fast setting acrylic cement that also bonds rigid PVC, ABS and Polycarbonate
  • SCIGRIP 4SC - a tough acrylic plastic cement that will also form strong bonds with other thermoplastics

SG42 is available now for rapid distribution via SCIGRIP’s team of global distributors in 50 ml cartridges and 189 liter containers as standard and 490ml containers on request.

About SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions

SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions combines two global leaders in the adhesives industry, Weld-On and Holdtite, enabling the manufacture of world class structural and engineered adhesive products on a global scale. SCIGRIP has a strong research and development team focused on addressing customers’ specific application demands as well as improving customer productivity to achieve ultimate success. SCIGRIP is committed to manufacturing quality products and maintains ISO 9001 certification for all of its manufacturing facilities. SCIGRIP has also achieved multiple third party product certifications including Lloyds, RINA, and BRE that ensure product performance in key applications. With the joining of the Weld-On, Holdtite and Macroplexx brands, SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions product offerings have expanded to include industry-leading technologies in 10:1 and 1:1 methyl methacrylate (MMA), anaerobic, cyanoacrylate (CA) and ultra violet (UV) cure adhesives. SCIGRIP products are environmentally responsible, low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives. SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions delivers unsurpassed value and unmatched flexibility, changing the way people put things together.

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