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SCIGRIP to Manufacture Methacrylate Range of Adhesives in Europe

Published on 2012-03-22. Author : SpecialChem

SCIGRIP UK, Tyne and Wear, UK -- Following the powerful merger of manufacturers IPS Weld-On (US) and Holdtite (UK), newly formed company SCIGRIP now supplies smarter adhesive solutions to the marine, transportation, building construction and product assembly markets. As a result of substantial investment in the organisation's UK facility, SCIGRIP is able to produce and supply a new 10:1 Methacrylate range of adhesives to European customers, previously only formulated in the US.

Manufacturers are producing increasingly large composite structures and seeking products that deliver outstanding results with supreme toughness. SCIGRIP's 10: 1 Methacrylate products are able to solve these manufacturing challenges with technologies that reduce assembly times and lower costs. With sophisticated curing speeds that can be micro adjusted by ratio change, optimal production levels can be achieved without affecting adhesive properties throughout the seasons.

Highlights of SCIGRIP'S Methacrylate range:

SG230HV (High Viscosity) - This two-component, 10:1 mix ratio product is ideal for bonding composite or other plastic parts with little or no surface preparation. SCIGRIP's expanded UK production facility now permits fresh, consistent supplies of SG230HV to be swiftly delivered to the European market for marine, transportation and other renewable energy applications. Such products have previously only been available from the US.

Performance Benefits

  • High viscosity formulation = reduced slide or sagging on inverted surfaces
  • Reduced emissions = cleaner working environment
  • Single adhesive, choice of activators = reduced inventory
  • Minimal surface preparation = reduced cost and faster cycle time
  • Robust environmental resistance = permanent bonds in harsh operating conditions
  • Permanent toughness and elasticity = excellent fatigue, impact and shock load resistance.
  • SG300 Series – An advanced 10:1 mix ratio product that is designed to meet the specific requirements of the transportation industry. SG300 is ideal for a variety of assembly operations.

    Performance Benefits:

  • Primerless metal bonding = no surface treatment or primers required
  • Reduced bond line read through = reduced post-finishing requirements
  • Choice of 5, 15 and 40 minute working times = selection to fit application and process requirements
  • Excellent environmental resistance = permanent bonds in harsh operating environments
  • Permanent toughness = excellent fatigue, impact and shock load resistance.
  • PPX5 Ultimate Plastic Bonder - Low energy surfaces such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are low cost and durable but notoriously difficult to work with as they repel rather than attract adhesion. SCIGRIP's PPX5 has been specially developed to provide a tough resilient bond to these surfaces with no special pre-treatment.

    Performance Benefits:

  • No pre- surface treatment or primers required
  • Good chemical water and humidity resistance
  • Non Flammable and low odour formulation
  • Room temperature cure
  • Easy to use cartridge dispenser gun.
  • About SCIGRIP

    SCIGRIP combines the leading adhesive brands of Weld-On Structural Adhesives, Holdtite and Macroplexx into a new global brand of Smarter Adhesive Solutions. SCIGRIP offers the latest advancements in bonding systems and adhesive chemistries for the most demanding customer applications in the Marine, Transportation, Building Construction and Product Assembly markets. With global manufacturing, distribution and technical support, SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesive Solutions can reliably meet customer needs on a worldwide basis.

    Source: SCIGRIP

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