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Scott Bader at China Adhesive'14: to Exhibit Crestabond® M1-04 Grade & much more

Published on 2014-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

Northamptonshire, UK -- Scott Bader Asia Pacific is exhibiting for the first time at China Adhesive, which this year is taking place from 25-27 September at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention. The Scott Bader stand (booth no: A0609) will be showcasing the new ‘rapid bond’ Crestabond® M1-04 grade, launched earlier in 2014. This is the latest addition to the range of methacrylate based structural adhesives which can reliably bond a variety of metal and plastic substrates with no requirement for a substrate primer. Crestabond M1-04 has a short working time of only 3-4 minutes and bonded assemblies can then be moved to the next stage of production in as little as 8 minutes. This recently developed ‘rapid bond’ Crestabond M1-04 grade with such a fast fixing time is expected to be of particular interest to automotive OEMs and specialist tier 1 and 2 fabricators to help significantly increase high volume production efficiencies.

Both the Crestabond methacrylate and the long established Crestomer® urethane acrylate based ranges of structural adhesives will be promoted on the Scott Bader stand during China Adhesive 2014.

Crystic Crestabond® range

The Crestabond range offers a choice of eight grades, with both 10:1 and 1:1 mix ratio options, and a range of fixture times, from as little as 8 minutes for the new rapid bond M1-04 grade, up to as long as 240 minutes for M1-90. A major benefit of the Crestabond adhesives range is that minimal substrate surface preparation is required. Both co axial cartridges and larger volume 20 liter pail or 200 liter drum packaging options are available, so Crestabond products can be applied either manually with hand or pneumatic cartridge guns and static mixers, or using suitable automated bulk dispensing equipment. According to Scott Bader test data, all Crestabond products provide excellent adhesion strength, toughness, fatigue and impact resistance and will effectively bond composites, plastics, ABS, aluminum, stainless steel and many other substrates commonly used in industrial applications. The combination of a fast cure with the freedom to bond such a wide variety of different substrates with virtually no need to do any pre application surface preparation, has provided many manufacturers with significant shop floor cost savings and productivity benefits. These advantages have been proven in practice by major automotive, truck, bus and refrigerated vehicle manufacturers around the world, after switching to using Crestabond.

Crystic Crestomer® range

The Crestomer range was originally developed by Scott Bader’s R & D team over 35 years ago for structurally bonding GRP substrates, with particular focus on demanding marine hull and deck applications. The Crestomer range is based on a unique, proprietary urethane acrylate based formulation. When correctly applied, the Crestomer bond line is far stronger and tougher than the GRP laminate substrates it is bonding together, so cohesive failure in the adhesive does not occur. Crestomer adhesives are specified globally by many leading fiberglass leisure and working boat builders due to its extreme toughness, flexural strength and long term adhesion performance with GRP. Crestomer products are also now widely used in land transportation and building applications, bonding not only GRP parts together, but GRP with ceramics, foam, wood and other core materials. The Crestomer range is also available from Scott Bader in co axial cartridges or larger volume pails and drums for cost effective bulk dispensing.

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today it is a €237 million global chemical company, employing over 600 people worldwide. It is a common trusteeship company, having no external shareholders, with a strong commitment to supporting its customers, workforce and the environment. Scott Bader’s headquarters is based in the UK where it has purpose-built, state-of-the-art technical facilities that provide R & D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. It has manufacturing facilities in Europe, The Middle East, India, South Africa, Canada and South America.

Source: Scott Bader

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