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Scott Bader to Showcase Crystic Structural Adhesives and Bonding Pastes at Composites Europe 2011

Published on 2011-08-11. Author : SpecialChem

Scott Bader is exhibiting for the second year running at the forthcoming Composites Europe 2011 trade fair taking place from 27-29th September in Stuttgart. This year they are showcasing on their stand (Hall 2, A 23) their innovative new D-Iso/NPG gelcoat Crystic® Permabright, as well as featuring their range of Crystic Crestomer® and Crestabond® structural adhesives and Crystic bonding pastes.

Accelerated and long term natural sunlight Florida weather test results show that Crystic Permabright has set a new standard in long term UV weathering performance for white and cream coloured gelcoats. It provides significantly improved colour stability than existing marine Iso/NPG gelcoats. Key composites markets expected to benefit from this new gelcoat technology are those where retaining a high level of aesthetic quality in exposed gelcoated surfaces is highly desirable such as: leisure marine, architectural buildings and transportation.

New Gelcoat Technology

The new advanced polymer resin technology used for both spray and brush versions of the new Crystic Permabright gelcoat is unique to Scott Bader. It took over three years of research to develop this D-Iso/NPG resin chemistry, which derives its superior UV weathering properties from the resin's chemical structure having a deconjugated polyester backbone. Long term UV weather performance testing for Crystic Permabright against 'best in class' Iso and Iso/NPG marine gelcoats have been conducted; sets of test panels were subjected to 1000 hours of accelerated QUV weathering testing and 12 months of natural sunlight Florida exposure. When comparing delta-E Florida colour change results, the data shows that Crystic Permabright has two times better colour stability than next best in class Iso/NPG and four times better colour stability than a standard Isophthalic gelcoat. This means that even after 12 months exposure to the extremely harsh sunlight in Florida, it is very difficult to detect any colour change to Crystic Permabright with the naked eye.

For marine applications, osmotic blister resistance is also a key performance requirement for a gelcoat. Crystic Permabright can be used below the water line for white hulls, provided it is part of their matched Crystic marine laminate system. Rigorous blister tests in de-ionised water at 40 deg C were conducted; Crystic Permabright showed no signs of blistering, with a very low water uptake of less than 0.2 grams measured after 12 months immersion.

Structural Adhesives Feature

At the show this year, alongside their range of specialty Crystic unsaturated polyester, DCPD and vinyl ester resins, skin coats, gelcoats, tooling products and Crestapol urethane acrylate high performance resins, Scott Bader will be doing a special feature on their range of Crystic Crestomer and Crystic Crestabond structural adhesives and speciality bonding pastes. They will have technical experts on their stand throughout the exhibition to explain the significant weight saving, performance, productivity and shop floor benefits of using structural adhesives in preference to over-laminating and mechanical fixing, particularly for larger composite structures. Scott Bader has over 25 years of experience in structural adhesives for composite applications. Its well established range of urethane acrylate Crystic Crestomer structural adhesives have proven long term performance in demanding marine and building applications.

The Crestabond range of methacrylate structural adhesives was first launched at last year's Composites Europe show in Essen. Since then, Crestabond has been successfully used by customers in a variety of marine and transportation applications. The unique benefit offered by Crestabond structural adhesives is that they are primerless, with none or only minimal surface cleaning of the substrates to be bonded; this saves both production time and assembly costs. The Crestabond range is aimed at manufacturing companies in the bus, truck and rail, construction, marine and wind energy markets, where there is need for high performance structural adhesives that can be successfully bonded to a wide variety of composite, metal and plastic substrates.

Technical Forum Presentation

Also during the Composites Europe exhibition this year, visitors will have the opportunity to attend a technical forums taking place during the three days. Scott Bader has been invited to give a technical paper about their new D-Iso/NPG gelcoat technology; their speaker will explain about the research, development and testing conducted during the development of the new Crystic Permabright gelcoat.

Crystic® Permabright spray and brush marine gelcoats have set a new industry standard for colour stability and UV weather resistance. Comparative delta b* colour measurement test results show that Scott Bader's new technology D-Iso/NPG base resin significantly reduces yellowing in a white or cream gelcoat.

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today it is a £180 million multinational chemical company, employing 560 people worldwide. It is a common trusteeship company, having no external shareholders, with a strong commitment to support its customers, workforce and the environment.

Scott Bader's headquarters is based in the UK where they have purpose-built, state-of-the-art technical facilities that provide R & D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. They have manufacturing facilities in the UK, France, Croatia, The Middle East and South Africa.

Source: Scott Bader

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