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Scott Bader to Showcase New Structural Adhesive Products at SAMPE Long Beach 2016

Published on 2016-05-02. Author : SpecialChem

Scott Bader, Inc. is promoting high performance structural adhesives and advanced composites materials at SAMPE Long Beach 2016 during the exhibition and conference taking place in Long Beach, California, from May 23-26. During the two exhibition days, visitors to the Scott Bader booth (P27) will be able to find out about the bonding pastes and structural adhesive ranges: Crestabond® primer-less MMA adhesives (10:1 and 1:1 ratio) for rapidly bonding a wide variety of metal, plastic and composite substrates, available with a choice of working times from as short as only 3 minutes; and Crystic Crestomer® urethane acrylate adhesives, originally developed for structurally bonding fiberglass hulls, decks, and other demanding applications, joining typical marine materials including FRP, marine ply, PVC foam, balsa, aluminum and stainless steel.

Scott Bader to Showcase New Structural Adhesive Products
Fig. 1: Scott Bader to Showcase New Structural Adhesive Products

New structural adhesive products being shown for the first time in the USA, launched earlier in the year at JEC World 2016 in Paris, include: Crestabond® M1-30 and M1-60, new structural adhesive marine grades approved by DNV-GL for a variety of joining applications and substrates; Crestabond M1-02, a new sub-three minute curing grade for higher volume assembly of metal, plastic and composite components; Crestabond PP-04, a new 1:1 grade specifically developed for rapidly bonding low surface energy thermoplastics, including polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE); and additional black pigmented Crestabond grades for improving the bond joint aesthetics of black ABS and carbon fiber (CF) composite components.

The Crestapol® range of high performance acrylic resins are also being promoted at SAMPE Long Beach. All grades are very low viscosity resins, designed to be processed at room temperature and to rapidly cure, with no need for post cure. The inherent toughness of the urethane acrylate chemistry provides Crestapol resins with very high mechanical performance, even at high mineral filler loadings. Crestapol resins can be processed by open molding, infusion, RTM and pultrusion, even when heavily ATH filled (up to 200phr) to meet fire approvals. According to Scott Bader, in recent years many companies in the USA, Europe and China have discovered the benefits of the versatile processability of Crestapol resins, which has enabled cost effective production of high performance, filled FRP composite parts which meet a variety of fire, smoke and toxic fumes (FST) standards specified for buildings, rail, metro and other mass transportation applications needed to achieve the highest FST performance.

For lightweight FRP laminated part production, closed mold resin systems available from Scott Bader are being promoted, in particular Crestapol® 1250LV, a high performance acrylic resin which has been successfully used to mold very tough, light weight motorsport body parts reinforced with glass, carbon and aramid fibers.

Nick Padfield, President of Scott Bader Inc. commented: “SAMPE has become an established advanced materials event for Scott Bader Inc. attracting both North American and overseas visitors from key industry sectors such as Aerospace, Transportation, Construction, Marine, Wind Energy and Medical. It is an ideal show for us to meet key specifiers from leading manufacturing companies looking for materials solutions. The team is looking forward to another great show.”

Scott Bader, Inc. representatives Tom Gast, Lassi Ojanen, and Suzanne Mallory will be available throughout the show to answer questions about the complete range of resins, gelcoats and structural adhesive high performance products available for advanced composites applications.

About Scott Bader
Scott Bader was established in 1921. Today it is a US$ 287 million global chemical company, employing over 650 people worldwide. It is a common trusteeship company, having no external shareholders, with a strong commitment to supporting its customers, workforce and the environment.

Scott Bader’s headquarters is based in the UK where it has purpose-built, state-of-the-art technical facilities that provide R & D as well as complete evaluation, testing and application support. It has manufacturing facilities in Europe, The Middle East, India, South Africa, Canada and South America.

Source: Scott Bader

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