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Serious Energy Launches Low VOC and Water-based 'QuietSeal Pro Acoustical' Sealant

Published on 2011-09-14. Author : SpecialChem

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Serious Energy, Inc. has announced new QuietSeal Pro acoustical sealant - engineered to work together with QuietPutty™ and QuietRock® drywall for reliable, high performance, low total cost soundproofing. QuietSeal Pro is designed to maximize high acoustic performance in any soundproofing project. With a new and improved formula, QuietSeal Pro acoustical sealant is fast, easy to use, and offers a hassle free clean up. This low VOC and water based sealant remains soft preventing sound from passing through.

PuttySeal_nobg_186As the leader of the soundproofing drywall industry, Serious Energy's Quiet® brand of products save builders time and money. The Quiet Soundproofing System includes QuietPutty, QuietRock and QuietSeal Pro that together results in easy installation, outstanding performance, and more reliable results - all at low total installed cost compared to traditional methods. The Quiet Soundproofing System is engineered to work together for best soundproofing results and fewer call backs to the job site.

"I use QuietRock and the Quiet Soundproofing System in many of my projects. I'm glad I had the opportunity to use the QuietSeal Pro. I love the plastic tubes. It prevents product from getting damaged and dried out. I also noticed the product has more body to it than other sealants, which I believe helps with the performance of the product," said Mike Vidal, Owner of MV Drywall. "It's very easy to use and wipes off nice and clean. There's nothing I didn't like about it! It's truly an awesome product, much better than other brands."

"We've been installing the Quiet Soundproofing System for many years. This solution has truly simplified the soundproofing process. We get the jobs done faster and provide our customers with reliable results each time. I wouldn't use any other method," said Scott Thomas, President and Owner of Thomas Drywall. "I am excited to hear there's a new QuietSeal Pro and looking forward to using it."

We continue to innovate our Quiet products in ways that maximize their performance at lower cost to our customers, and without any compromises in usability. QuietSeal Pro does just that," said Frank Bishop, General Manager of Serious Energy's Interior Products Division.

Benefits of the Quiet Soundproofing System

  • Faster to install for increased productivity and lower labor cost
  • Outperforms multiple layers of drywall and other noise reduction methods like resilient channel
  • High reliability: unlike resilient channel, cannot be easily short circuited
  • No additional tools or training necessary for install
  • UL 1 hour fire-rated

About Serious Energy, Inc.

Serious Energy's platform of products and services are designed to increase the value of buildings for both owners and occupants by combining real-time, connected building analytics and control with material science innovations. QuietRock delivers improved comfort through reduced-material patented soundproofing technology, enabling buildings to increase density and help improve productivity. SeriousEnergy Manager is a cloud-based enterprise software system that monitors, optimizes, and controls building energy use using advanced algorithm technology. SeriousWindows and iWindow significantly improve building envelope energy performance, improving comfort and reducing heating and cooling. With an advanced software development team, six manufacturing plants and a broad network of distributors throughout the U.S. and Canada, Serious Energy products have been installed in over 70,000 projects worldwide, including the Empire State Building.

Source: Serious Energy

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