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Simrit Develops NOK U641 and NOK UH05 to Meet Sealing Challenges of Cylinder Makers

Published on 2011-03-29. Author : SpecialChem

LAS VEGAS -- Developed specifically to meet the sealing challenges of today's cylinder makers, Simrit's NOK U641 and NOK UH05 materials are proven to help engineers extend seal life in numerous applications. When incorporated properly, these materials provide 8,000 to more than 10,000 hours of running time in the field without failure.

"Industry challenges, such as temperature, hydrolysis resistance and bio-friendly fluid compatibility, will consistently drive the need for more robust sealing solutions," said Joel Johnson, vice president of technology, Simrit. "As a materials and sealing innovator, Simrit anticipated these upcoming changes and developed next-generation materials for issues that our customer's are now encountering. This forward-thinking allows us to serve our customers' current problems with established and proven solutions."

For customers currently using the Disogrin 9250 material, the NOK U641 urethane is an alternative solution that is hydrolysis/glycol resistant and increases the long term operating temperature of the system to 110°C with standard and biodegradable hydraulic oils. It can be run in the same tooling as Disogrin 9250 and has been a proven solution for more than a half decade. For those looking to significantly increase the life target of a system, substituting a NOK A505 NBR rod seal (with proper back-up) and a U641 buffer can double the life of this system.

NOK UH05 urethane is a hydrolysis/glycol resistant solution for 120°C systems with standard and biodegradable hydraulic oils. In particular, NOK UH05 (40°C to 120°C temperature range) seals have been successful in hydraulic cylinders exposed to extremely harsh conditions.

It is rare for a material to not only have this high of a temperature range in the industry (allowing for use in a Columbian coal mine), but also one of the lowest temperature capabilities (allowing for use in Antarctic applications). Traditionally, a manufacturer would require two different sealing packages for each application. Using a NOK UH05 (buffer) in combination with NOK G928 HNBR rod seal (with proper back-up) can double the life of a system at 120°C, while providing exceptional low temperature capabilities.

About Simrit

Simrit is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies, which have total annual sales of more than $7 billion. The global Freudenberg and NOK Group offers an extensive portfolio of precision-manufactured products for the aerospace, appliance, automotive, marine, medical, off-highway equipment, recreational vehicle and renewable energy markets.

Source: Simrit

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