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Simrit Introduces Next Generation of Optimized Seal Design to Extend Seal Service Life

Published on 2011-04-07. Author : SpecialChem

LAS VEGAS -- To address the increasing demands placed on crankshaft seals, Simrit has developed its CASCO (self-contained seal design) Cassette Shaft Seal. On display at the Simrit booth (#S-13657) during the 2011 IFPE Show, this next-generation seal design was developed specifically to provide the lowest friction of any seal in the industry, an extended service life - in excess of one million miles - and increased reliability for modern heavy duty engine applications.

Simrit's CASCO seal design integrates sealing elements and contact surfaces in a single cartridge that press fits into a bore with complimentary assembly tools. Uniquely, the main lip is perpendicular to the shaft and axially loaded to extend service life, which also addresses difficult operating conditions, such as dynamic end play and radial run-out.

"Meeting and surpassing customer and application needs often requires integrating new thinking with established expertise," said Joel Johnson, vice president of technology, Simrit. "Our CASCO Cassette Shaft Seal is just one example of how Simrit takes a different approach to sealing to ensure we're continually providing our customers with solutions that further optimize their products and technologies."

Applicable for unidirectional applications with a primary shaft range of 70 to 180 mm, the main lip of the design contacts a surface perpendicular to the shaft (rather than radially). It uses an axial (or side-located lip) to incorporate a hydrodynamic pumping helix feature that is molded into the lip and runs against a metal sleeve. This is augmented by the dynamic slinger effect of the rotating inner sleeve. Further, an integral excluder dust lip of non-woven polyester allows positive contact to the shaft, while preventing dirt ingress without high wear or heat build-up.

Simrit's CASCO Cassette Shaft Seal demonstrated positive results when tested (more than 55 times) under such extreme operating conditions as: extreme temperatures; abrasive fluids / chemicals; harsh environments; etc. As a result, it offers a service life potential of more than one million miles. Further, the Simrit's CASCO Cassette Shaft Seals provides:
  • Extremely low torque drag with low heat generation and excellent wear resistance;
  • Enhanced oil retention due to the centrifugal "slinger" action of the wear sleeve;
  • Highly compatible Fluorocarbon (FKM) compound;
  • Superior sealing performance;
  • High shaft eccentricities and vibrations; and
  • Integrated wear sleeve to effectively lower the complete system cost.

About Simrit

Simrit is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies, which have total annual sales of more than $7 billion. The global Freudenberg and NOK Group offers an extensive portfolio of precision-manufactured products for the aerospace, appliance, automotive, marine, medical, off-highway equipment, recreational vehicle and renewable energy markets.

Source: Simrit

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