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Soliant Offers New Precision Clean Room Laminating Services

Published on 2008-05-16. Author : SpecialChem

LANCASTER -- Soliant is offering precision clean room laminating services via their new custom "state-of-the art" roll stock lamination equipment. Soliant developed this technology with in-house resources, including their decades of experience and highly qualified technical staff, after searching the world for the best equipment to laminate their Class A decorative paintfilms and bright films. "We developed these capabilities ourselves after failing to find suitable services in the general marketplace. These Class 10,000 clean room laminators offer the market a world class facility in which to laminate products requiring ultra-clean and highly precise processes. We are proud to offer these unsurpassed services to customers who have highly demanding lamination needs," said Jeff Bailey, Vice President of Operations for Soliant.

Soliant is capable of providing a wide variety of standard and custom laminations including films such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, and vinyl to a variety of plastic substrates. There are numerous applications for these laminations in manufacturing plastics (including credit cards, identification cards and badges), packaging, medical equipment, electronics, printing, glass, automotive and appliance products. Soliant will also provide its expertise to assist companies in developing custom laminated products using adhesives and sealants to bond dissimilar substrates for unique permanent laminate constructions and assemblies.

Technical features of the laminators include:

  • Thick or thin gauges up to .040" rollstock
  • Temperature capabilities to 425 degrees F (IR and Heated rolls)
  • Film tension control for light and heavy gauge films
  • Web guiding for proper web alignment
  • In-line stripping and slitting capability
  • Suitable web paths for high value films and substrates
  • Full QC staff for in process testing and certification of your products
  • Integrated into Soliant's state-of-the-art ERP system

Soliant LLC is the world leader in paintfilm (an alternative to paint) and bright film (an alternative to chrome) technology. Both products are gaining momentum in industry as companies turn toward environmentally sustainable manufacturing alternatives. They are headquartered in Lancaster, South Carolina with sales offices in Detroit and The Netherlands. The company has an R & D facility in Lancaster that is developing products to meet growing market demands and to support customers. Their Fluorex® brand paintfilms and coatings are well known in the industry and have been in use for over 20 years. Over 40,000,000 parts with paintfilm and bright film have been in the field over the last 5 years without issue. They are used in the automotive, heavy truck, appliance, recreational, consumer electronics, marine, architectural and signage industry on a variety of parts and components.

Source: Soliant

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