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Technomelt Supra Cool 130 from Henkel

Published on 2010-07-27. Author : SpecialChem

Just a few months after its launch, the newly developed Technomelt Supra Cool 130 from Henkel has already surpassed the high expectations put on it. Its benefits include high bond strength, excellent thermal stability, outstanding flowability, and a broader application spectrum than EVA-based hotmelts - and all of this at a processing temperature of only 130°C in the melter.

The new hotmelt technology allows processing at a temperature of 130°C for the first time. The adhesive takes less time to melt and the processing machines can therefore get up to speed more quickly.

Its performance sets new benchmarks: Tests in customer production lines across Europe have shown that the use of Technomelt Supra Cool 130 can almost halve the adhesive usage in some cases. This is especially true when the product is used in conjunction with the ProControl system, an inline measuring unit that enables precise monitoring and optimization of adhesive consumption. Moreover, the lower processing temperature makes it possible to cut energy consumption by up to 40 percent. "This not only saves money, but is good for the environment as well," says Frank Odemer-Rüsen, Henkel Project Manager. "We have achieved a real breakthrough with Technomelt Supra Cool 130." For customers in the milk, dairy, and chocolate industries, the new Supra Cool 130 is ideal, because its relatively low temperature means that very little heat is transferred to the end products. It therefore makes it possible to close packages perfectly while at the same time assuring consistently high product quality on the customer side.

Top quality for sustainable production processes

The proven Supra technology also helps manufacturers to improve the sustainability performance of their lines. The high quality of the Technomelt Supra portfolio reduces scrap rates and bonding failures. This in turn considerably reduces the costs for waste disposal and repackaging. At the same time the amount of wear and tear to which machine components and applicators are subjected is reduced, thus improving the overall service lifetime of the systems involved. Furthermore, all adhesives in the Technomelt Supra range are approved for direct food contact - a major plus in safety for other sensitive applications as well.

Henkel know-how for the industry

The Technomelt Supra range is constantly undergoing further development in a dialogue with raw materials suppliers, machine manufacturers and the packaging industry to ensure that it will continue to deliver optimal performance in all required areas in the future. For Henkel, ongoing innovation is a major pillar of success - and one of its major assets. Extensive expertise and targeted research make Henkel a driving force in the packaging market.

Henkel at FachPack

Visit Henkel at the FachPack trade show in Nürnberg (Hall 6, Stand 439) from September 28 to September 30, 2010, where you can gain a first-hand impression of the broad ranged offered by the technology leader.

Source: Henkel

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