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Techsil Launches Cyanoacrylate and Anaerobic Adhesive Range

Published on 2013-05-17. Author : SpecialChem

Techsil introduces their new Cyanoacrylate and Anaerobic adhesive range. Sales Director Chris Dilley comments, "We are often asked by customers for more cost effective alternatives to the top end brands. In response, Techsil has invested resources into choosing a high quality manufacturing partner resulting in what we have found to be very high performance products. The products have a modern stylish design and are branded as Techsil."

The new range includes:
  • A universal surface insensitive cyanoacrylate of medium viscosity, 100cPs, which will bond many substrates in seconds. This is a high performance regular superglue adhesive.
  • A very fast curing plastic and rubber cyanoacrylate of low viscosity, 20cPs, which is an exceptional superglue for bonding o-rings and such like.
  • A cyanoacrylate non-drip gel which stays in place when dispensed.
There are four popular anaerobic threadlockers included in the range
  • A blue Nutlock which is medium strength and oil tolerant. It prevents corrosion and allows easy disassembly with hand tools. This is the most popular Threadlocker in the market.
  • A red Studlock for permanent threadlocking of large bolts and studs. It prevents corrosion and only allows disassembly after heat has been applied and with tools.
  • A green maximum strength and high temperature Retaining Compound, up to 230°C. This anaerobic retaining adhesive is suitable for close fitting cylindrical parts.
  • Finally a Pneumatic & Hydraulic Threadsealant for locking high pressure threads and yet allows controlled disassembly. It contains no fillers that could contaminate systems.

About Techsil

Techsil are industrial suppliers of RTV silicones, adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, conformal coatings, casting and mould making materials to a wide range of manufacturing industries across Europe including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Railway, Marine, Foundry, LED Lighting and Rapid Prototyping.

Based in the UK, Techsil's success has led it to become the largest RTV silicone distribution partner in Europe for Momentive Performance Materials. In addition to their own branded products, Techsil are also suppliers of: Panacol & Honle UV curing adhesives and equipment; BJB polyurethane casting and potting resins; ITW Devcon structural adhesives; ThreeBond industrial adhesives/sealants; Power Adhesives Hot Melt adhesives and Glue Guns; Stokvis Self Adhesive Tapes, Henkel structural adhesives and hot melts; and Chemtrend mould release agents.

Source: Techsil

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