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Three Bond TB1133E - Next generation Flexible Anaerobic Gasket

Published on 2008-11-28. Author : SpecialChem

Market leaders ThreeBond announced the general release of their unique TB1133E next generation anaerobic gasket. Building on the acknowledged benefit of anaerobics to be dispensed and then permit component placement at leisure, TB1133E offers enhanced vibration tolerance and user-friendly characteristics.

Three Bond TB1133E

This enables greater confidence in established applications such as gearboxes and cam covers, while opening up uses in sealing of complex areas such as automatic transmissions, transfer cases etc. In particular, it is screen printable and so offers significant time savings against robotic dispensing on intricate 2D shapes proving especially valuable where elimination of potential oil gallery blockage is paramount.

ThreeBond TB1133E features extensive OEM approvals, high elongation versus traditional anaerobic gaskets and superior gap filling capacity, thus is compatible with reduced machinery tolerances. It is a solventless one-component, anaerobic type liquid gasketing material. The product will cure when compressed between two metallic surfaces and isolated from oxygen, and an elastic gasket is formed within a very short time being completely adapted to the surface structure of the fitting surfaces. The cured gasket exhibits superior chemical resistance, flexibility comparable to that of silicone based gaskets, excellent adhesion to substrates, high temperature resistance and high strength. In addition TB1133E has been formulated to be user friendly and is importantly classified as a low irritant anaerobic gasket.

TB1133E incorporates a two-stage air removal centrifuge process in its production cycle to ensure optimum dispensing and curing. TB1133E is available in standard 310ml cartridges.

Source: Threebond

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