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Touch 'n Seal Launches One-component, PUR Roof Tile Adhesive

Published on 2011-10-11. Author : SpecialChem

ST. LOUIS -- In response to the coastal building industry's growing demand for hurricane-resistant, code approved building products, Convenience Products, the manufacturer of Touch 'n Seal insulating foams and sealants, has introduced Storm Bond™ Roof Tile Adhesive. A high-performance, one-component, polyurethane adhesive used for attaching clay and concrete roof tile, Storm Bond offers superior bonding strength compared to traditional methods of installation such as mortar, nails, screws and other single component adhesives. Touch 'n Seal's new roof tile adhesive complies with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code and can withstand wind speeds of more than 150 mph.

Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive
Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive

"With recently upgraded predictions of an above-average active Atlantic hurricane season, it's anyone's guess when the next "Big One" will hit," says Michael Sites, marketing manager at Touch 'n Seal. "Architects, engineers and builders in coastal areas understand the importance of designing and building structures that will withstand destructive, hurricane force winds. They are demanding hurricane-resistant products that will protect homes and businesses from potentially devastating property losses."

Storm Bond adheres flat, low, medium and high profile clay and concrete roof tile to approved underlayment and provides strong resistance to high velocity wind uplift when installed according to manufacturer's instructions. "Installation should be performed by a factory-qualified applicator," says Sites. "It's important to install hurricane resistant products properly so they function with the entire building system. I've seen some fine products fail because they were installed incorrectly."

Touch 'n Seal's new roof adhesive is ideal for repairs, re-roof and new installations on eave, field, hip, rake and valley installations. Under normal conditions, roof tiles adhered with Storm Bond may be walked on in two hours with full cure occurring within 24 hours of application. "Installers will appreciate that Storm Bond reduces labor time and that it's safe to use - it contains zero VOC's and no toxic chemicals,'" says Sites, who also notes that before installing Storm Bond surfaces should be dry, clean and free of dust, dirt or any other substance that may inhibit proper adhesion.

Storm Bond has received a Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance and is Florida Product Control Approved. Storm Bond also exceeds test requirements for Static Uplift Resistance of Mortar or Adhesive Set Tile Systems, TAS No. 101. Touch 'n Seal Storm Bond Roof Tile Adhesive is available throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the world.

About Touch 'n Seal

Convenience Products, the manufacturer of Touch 'n Seal products, is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri Touch 'n Seal insulating foams and sealants are the benchmark for performance in commercial and industrial building and maintenance, OEM manufacturing and specialty applications. A full line of one and two-component spray foams and adhesives are available, including fire blocking foam (ICC-ES: ESR-1926), Low Pressure Window & Door Foam, Drywall Panel Adhesives, Heating Systems and Accessories, Two-Component, Disposable Units, Mining Specialty Units and One-Component Disposable Cylinders. Spray foam is available from 15-board feet kits to 120-gallon refill systems. One-component straw and gun foam available in 12 to 30.5 oz. aerosol cans.

Source: Touch 'n Seal

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