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Toyo Ink to Exhibit UV-curing Adhesive for Optical Applications & more at Touch Taiwan 2013

Published on 2013-08-22. Author : SpecialChem

Toyo Ink Chemicals Taiwan Co., Ltd. (President and General Manager: Masashi Sawamura; Annan district, Tainan City, Taiwan) and Toyo Ink Group announced recently that they will exhibit at "Touch Taiwan 2013: International Touch Panel and Optical Film Exhibition" to be held on August 28 through 30, 2013, at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (Annan district, Tainan City, Taiwan).

Touch Taiwan is an exhibition where suppliers of touch panels, OLED, optical film and other items from Taiwan and around the world display their achievements in next-generation technology in Taiwan, a center for the world's display industry. It is hosted by organizers including Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), and this will mark the second exhibition for Toyo Ink Group following its first exhibit last year.

The Toyo Ink Group has been manufacturing and selling materials related to flat panel displays in Taiwan since 2002. Through this line of products, which is achieving strong market penetration in Japan as well as in East Asia, the Group intends to further entrench its brand in the Taiwan market, which boasts the world's largest production volume of touch panels. Further, to meet new customer demand, the Toyo Ink Group's unique products and solutions will be presented at the exhibition.

Major Products for Exhibition

  • Liod Lioduras® TYAB; Anti-blocking hard-coating agent
  • uras® EFC; Fingerprint-resistant hard-coating agent
  • Lioduras® TYZ, TYT; Hard-coating agent with a high refractive index
  • Coating agent with a high refractive index
  • REXALPHA® RA FS 088; High-resolution conductive silver paste
  • REXALPHA® RA FS 094 / RA AC 003; Silver paste for anchor processing
  • REXALPHA® RA FS LA 096; Conductive silver paste for laser patterning
  • REXALPHA® RA PL series; Conductive silver paste for photolithography
  • CYABINE™; Non-silicone adhesive for touch panel protective sheet
  • LIO OPTO™ EXK13-236; Pressure-sensitive adhesive for touch panels (under development)
  • DYNALEO™ series; UV-curing adhesive for optical applications
  • LIOELM® LE series EXC13-021 to 025; Heat-resistant protective film for touch panels
  • LIOELM® TSS200 series; EMI shield film
  • LIOELM® TSC200; Conductive adhesive sheet
  • LIOELM® TCL500 series; Low dielectric coverlay film
  • LIOELM® TSA series; Ultra-thin copper foil adhesive tape
  • LIOELM® TSS300; Thin electromagnetic shielding film
  • LIOELM® TSS500 series; Electromagnetic shielding film for high-speed transmission circuit

About Toyo Ink

Having manufactured and marketed organic pigments since the 1920s, the Toyo Ink Group is a brand highly regarded for its technological strength, quality and the high level of functionality of its pigment-derived products. The Group's activities are expanding on a global level.

Source: Toyo Ink

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