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Tra-Con offers two-part adhesive

Published on 2003-09-29. Author : SpecialChem


The Tra-Bond 2158 is a two-part adhesive that develops durable, high-impact bonds at room temperature, which improves heat transfer while maintaining electrical insulation.

It bonds readily to itself and many other materials such as metals, silica, sapphire, alumina, ceramics, glass, and plastics because its coefficient of thermal expansion provides a good match for those materials over a fairly wide temperature range. It also has strong resistance to salt solutions, mild acids and alkalis, and many other chemicals including petroleum solvents, lubricating oils, and alcohol.

It can be heat-cured or room temperature-cured. It is used for staking transistors, diodes, resistors, integrated circuits, and other heat-sensitive components to printed circuit boards.

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