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UPM Raflatac Expands Void Security Labeling Range

Published on 2016-05-26. Author : SpecialChem

UPM Raflatac has expanded its European void security labeling range with products offering enhanced security and greater visual differentiation.

Void films provide tamper-evidence and product authentication, protecting consumers and supporting their loyalty and trust in brands. They leave a text, pattern or logo on packages and casings when the label is partially or fully removed, and they cannot be smoothed back down undetected. Often used as sealing labels, voids also support printed authentication for individual items or carry information like warranty numbers and expiry dates.
UPM Raflatac Expands Void Security Labeling Range
Fig. 1: UPM Raflatac Expands Void Security Labeling Range

UPM Raflatac’s standard voids leave a sticky residue on the labeled substrate. When packages need to remain attractive and are part of a product’s value, ‘No Tack’ voids leave a smooth and silky message that doesn’t attract dust or dirt. For custom requirements, UPM Raflatac produces special voids with texts, patterns, logos and colors according to specifications from label end-users and brand owners.

More features, looks and applications

New additions to UPM Raflatac’s void range introduce special features for high-level tamper-evidence and product authentication.
• Void Text Tinted TC 36 offers a darkish, semi-silvery metallized transparent look unlike any other.
• Void Text 2Colour TC 50 has a green exterior, while the hidden text is revealed in blue.
• Void Fluor Red/Blue TC 50 is unique compared to standard clear voids due to a semi-covert security feature. When exposed to UV light, the top surface reflects in fluorescent blue (also supporting label detection), and the reverse reflects in fluorescent red.
• Void Text Blue TC 36 and Void Text Red TC 36 are available in rage of colours and thicknesses to expand existing options.
• Microvoid Blue PP TC 50 is a flexible material for labelling tightly contoured and small-diameter surfaces. The reduced void text size is ideal for smaller label sizes.

About UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac is a leading global supplier of pressure sensitive labeling solutions. Its films and papers are used for product and information labeling across a wide range of end-uses – from pharmaceuticals and security to food and beverage applications.

UPM Raflatac paper and film laminates are delivered in rolls and sheets. UPM Raflatac's customers include large and small label printers who focus on roll-to-roll printing, and packaging providers. UPM Raflatac also provides sheet products for offset and screen printers in the graphics industry, which are distributed by paper merchants in Europe.

Source: UPM Raflatac

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