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UPM Raflatac with its Latest Product Innovations for the Packaging Market Debuted at Pack Expo

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UPM Raflatac is ushering in a new era of labeling. As part of the company’s debut at Pack Expo International 2014, UPM Raflatac expanded to a new audience and explored new opportunities. Additionally, the company demonstrated how its latest product innovations for the packaging market push the boundaries of current industry standards and redefine what can be achieved in labeling applications.

Introducing VANISH™ – the truly invisible label

UPM Raflatac’s new VANISH™ range of ultra-thin, clear PET films are the perfect choice for companies in the beverage, food package and personal care industries looking to maximize brand representation while boosting quality and performance to new levels. In the beverage segment, VANISH™ labels offer an ideal alternative to pre-printed bottles from an investment cost and storage standpoint, but these clear films also allow for new decorating methods, which can be key differentiators in the spirits, energy drink and bottled water markets. Additionally, when paired with a water-whitening resistant adhesive, VANISH™ products ensure brands look as good coming out of the ice chest or cooler as they do on the shelf.

In industries like food packaging, which have historically been ruled by paper labels or glue-applied wraps, VANISH™ films allow designers and brand owners to incorporate the actual product into label designs and graphics while still emphasizing the brand. This bold approach helps differentiate products on retail shelves and can positively influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Meanwhile in the personal care market, VANISH™ label stocks take the elusive no-label look a step further by increasing the dramatic effect of visuals on clear glass and rigid PET containers and boosting product quality impressions with few, if any, design setbacks.

New pharmaceutical products help put safety first

No other industry matches the pharmaceutical segment when it comes to stringent specifications, application diversity and product compliance. UPM Raflatac’s renewed pharmaceutical portfolio covers many of these angles and features products for small diameter labeling, migration-safe label stocks and products that tolerate extreme low-temperatures and cryopreservation as well as materials that offer luminescent label detection.

Print-on-demand label stocks offer maximum flexibility

With their print-on-demand capabilities, UPM Raflatac’s products for dry toner, LED toner, water-based ink-jet dye and water-based ink-jet pigmented inks offer several business advantages, including operational versatility, exceptional printability, image integrity and aesthetic appeal. The company’s print-on-demand portfolio includes products like Polyjet Clear and Polyjet Gloss White PP ink-jet label stocks that are as close as they come to completely water-resistant* films as well as several high-performance VIP films that conform to sections two and three of the BS5609 standard for chemical drum labeling.

*Degree of water resistance is highly dependent upon ink choice and environmental conditions.

Make sustainable choices with Label Life

UPM Raflatac’s ‘Label Life’ concept backed by a new, user-friendly tool is designed to help companies understand the life cycle impacts of different label stock products and gives them access to credible information on the environmental performance of certain labels. Visitors to UPM Raflatac’s booth will have a chance to see ‘Label Life’ in action and learn how the tool can aid them in making more sustainable choices.

About UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac is a leading global supplier of pressure sensitive labeling solutions. Our self-adhesive label materials are used for product and information labeling across a wide range of end-uses – from pharmaceuticals and security to food and beverage applications. Each product is designed to offer excellent printability, convertibility and durability in the latest labeling machinery

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