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Vencorex Expands Capacity of Aliphatic Isocyanates at its Pont de Claix Facility in France

Published on 2014-11-03. Author : SpecialChem

France -- Vencorex is expanding its capacity of aliphatic isocyanates to further strengthen the company’s positions world-wide. Several industrial projects will enhance the ability to serve the growing market for years to come.

Vencorex’s objective is to strengthen its global position in Aliphatic Isocyanates business. (HDI, IPDI, Tolonate™ & Easaqua™ grades and new products). The first step includes an expansion of the monomer capacity in Pont de Claix, France by 70,000 MT and a new derivative unit, Tolonate™, with 12,000 MT initial capacity in Rayong, Thailand. The derivative unit in Thailand will be operational by the second half of 2015 while the additional monomer capacity will be available from mid-2016.

Vencorex will also invest in new production of polyisocyanates, Easaqua™, for waterborne PU coatings in Freeport, Texas.

In addition to the capacity expansions, Vencorex will also further strengthen its R&D capabilities and global Marketing & Sales organization.

“We are very pleased to announce all these expansions which will enable us to better serve our customers globally. Our strategic intent is to enhance our product availability, as well as to expand commercial networks in all continents.” says Sutin Chamulitrat, VP Marketing & Sales.

About Vencorex
Vencorex is the owner of key technologies and a major manufacturer of aromatic (TDI) and aliphatic isocyanates, (HDI, IPDI) and their derivatives, for the polyurethane markets. Relying on a worldwide commercial representation, Vencorex has manufacturing and lab units in France and USA. V encorex is supported by PTT Global Chemical, Asia’s leading integrated petr ochemical company and the Perstorp Group, a world leader in specialty chemicals market.

Source: Vencorex  

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