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Vertellus Performance Materials Announces New Product Series

Published on 2006-11-02. Author : SpecialChem

INDIANAPOLIS, -- Vertellus Performance Materials Inc. has introduced a new polyol product line, the Polycin® GR series. The Polycin® GR polyols are solely derived from the components of castor oil, making them the first completely natural, renewable seed-based series of polyols for the urethane industry, specifically targeted at the coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE) market segment.

"We are very excited about the Polycin® GR series of products," said Laurence S. Slovin, Head of the Performance Materials Division. "This natural and renewable product series is representative of the importance that Vertellus places on environmental compatibility. Across all of our product offerings, we are capitalizing on the green trends that are driving the market today."

For the first time, polyols derived only from castor oil can be used to produce tough coatings, and also formulated to produce flexible adhesives, soft sealants and elastomers. The Polycin® GR series of polyols continues the long history of castor oil in the polyurethane industry, and meets the environmental challenge for products from natural, renewable sources.

The physical properties of the Polycin® GR polyols range in hydroxyl number from 340 down to 35 with functionality from 2.9 to 2, resulting in polyurethane hardness ranging from 75 Shore D to 10 Shore A. Tensile strengths greater than 6000 psi and lower than 50 psi can be attained. The ricinoleic backbone contained in the GR series yields a finished product that is very insensitive to moisture, absorbing 6 times less water than comparable polyether polyols at 100 degrees Celcius/95% RH. The GR series also produces urethanes that have excellent hydrolytic stability and maintain hardness characteristics at low temperature.

Vertellus Performance Materials Inc. is a business of Vertellus Specialties Inc. The Company was formed in July 2006 by combining two specialty chemical companies, Rutherford Chemicals (which includes the CasChem product line) and Reilly Industries, both portfolio companies of Arsenal Capital Partners, a New York-based private equity firm focused on investments in the specialty chemicals industry.

About Vertellus Specialties Inc.

Vertellus is a specialty chemicals company focused on the manufacture of high-growth, high-value products to the agricultural, nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care and performance materials markets. The majority of the Company's annual sales are derived from products that lead their respective markets. Vertellus benefits from a global supply chain, a technologically advanced and flexible global manufacturing base and long-standing, contract relationships with significant blue-chip clients. Vertellus also holds a number of industry trademarks, registrations and patents. Vertellus has approximately 750 employees and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Source: Vertellus Specialties Inc.

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