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Vettec Launches Cartridge System for its Bovi-Bondâ„¢ Adhesive Products

Published on 2018-03-26. Author : SpecialChem

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Vettec Launched Cartridge System for Adhesive Products
Vettec Launched Cartridge System for Adhesive Products
Vettec has launched a cartridge system for its Bovi-Bond™ urethane adhesive products. The new, 160cc cartridge system includes a break-open cap, reinforced plungers and a triple-seal piston. These enhanced features ensure leak-free dispensing and help hoof care professionals increase efficiency by mitigating the need for tools to open the cartridge.

Key Features of Cartridge System

The new break-off cap design does not require tools to open the cartridge. This minimizes any potential damage to a cartridge, such as obliquely cutting off the tip or crushing the dual-dispensing channels.

In addition, reinforced plungers and triple-seal pistons create a redundant sealing system.

The piston features a rubber o-ring with reinforced components to push adhesive forward at a consistent ratio. These features mitigate material from leaking out of the cartridges.

Application of the New Cartridge

The new cartridge works with the existing accessories including dispensing guns, mix tips and cartridge caps.

Anthony Woods, General Manager, Vettec, said:

We designed this new cartridge system based on feedback from Vettec customers. We know that efficiency is key when hoof care professionals are working with their clients. This new cartridge design will help save time and provide an advanced, reliable dispensing system for Bovi-Bond products.

Source: Bovi-Bond
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