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WACKER and Gomline Agree on Co-Branding of Silicone Compounds

Published on 2014-01-10. Author : SpecialChem

Munich -- WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group, and Slovenia-based silicone compounder Gomline d.o.o. have agreed on co-branding of ready-to-use silicone-rubber compounds. The Ljubljana-based distribution partner can now use the "Based on ELASTOSIL®" quality label for its own silicone compounds made of WACKER raw materials. The ELASTOSIL® trademark was introduced nearly 60 years ago and characterizes high-quality silicone-rubber products. Today, it is one of the Group's most successful brands worldwide.

ELASTOSIL® from WACKER covers a wide range of silicone-rubber products that offer extremely diverse properties. They are suitable for use in a large variety of industries. Silicones are used in shower heads, tubing and cable insulation, as well as in household items such as flexible ice cube molds. The ready-to-use silicone compounds are usually made by incorporating the crosslinker, pigment and other additives into the rubber base.

Gomline supplies customers in Slovenia and southeast Europe with ready-to-use silicone compounds. Such compounds are usually formulated locally and modified to suit the customer's own specifications. If the silicones are from WACKER, Gomline can distribute its products using the "Based on ELASTOSIL®" label. "Gomline employs experienced compounding experts who not only know how to formulate high-quality silicone compounds, but also have excellent knowledge of their customers' needs," stressed Peter Summo, head of the Engineering Silicones business unit. Beside high product quality and short delivery times, expertise and service are particularly key. "Due to the enhanced collaboration with Gomline, we are now able to better supply the southeast European market with high-quality silicone products via a stronger focus on the customer," said Summo in explaining the co-branding move.

Gomline's managing director, Rado Mandic, also welcomed the agreement with the Munich-based chemical company. "The fact that we can use the ELASTOSIL® brand significantly enhances the image of our compounds and opens up entirely new sales markets." All products featuring the "Based on ELASTOSIL®" label are formulated with silicones from WACKER. Mandic continued: "The ELASTOSIL® brand is a global quality label for silicones. This fosters trust and makes it easier for us to convince customers of the quality of our silicone compounds."

About Silicone Compounds

Silicone compounds are ready-to-use products. They are usually made of silicone base material, pyrogenic silica, crosslinker and additives, and enable the production of a wide variety of molded parts, such as for the automotive, electronics, cable and household-goods sectors. Possible application fields range from gaskets, cable insulation, shower heads and baking molds to rubber-coated rolls in photocopiers.


ELASTOSIL® stands for a wide range of silicone products. Beside silicone rubbers and silicone rubber dispersions, the brand also includes their related processing additives. Silicone rubbers consist essentially of silicone polymers and fillers. They undergo high-temperature or room-temperature vulcanization, during which the uncured compound is transformed into an elastomeric rubber with a three-dimensional structure. Silicone rubbers are heat resistant, low-temperature flexible, resistant to aging, and easy to process, and have good mechanical properties that remain unchanged over a wide temperature range. ELASTOSIL® silicones are used in areas such as automotive and mechanical engineering, electronics and electrics, textiles, baby articles, toys, household appliances and sports articles, as well as in the construction industry.

About Gomline

Gomline has been manufacturing silicone-rubber compounds since 1994 and distributing these under its own EVOSIL® brand since 2012. The Ljubljana-based compounder procures the necessary silicone raw materials exclusively from WACKER, the Munich-based chemical group. Gomline is WACKER's official distribution partner for high-temperature-curing silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber grades, serving customers in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia.

Source: WACKER

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