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WACKER at Expo Revestir: Presents High-quality Polymer Binders for Construction Applications

Published on 2014-03-12. Author : SpecialChem

Munich/Säo Paulo -- "The Chemistry of Creativity" is the theme of the WACKER booth at the Expo Revestir taking place from March 11 to 14, 2014, in Säo Paulo, Brazil. For the first time, the Munich-based company is taking part in Latin America's biggest trade show of finishing solutions and presenting its innovative polymer binders for a wide array of modern building applications, which wouldn't be possible without chemical admixtures. Among the highlights are WACKER's dispersible polymer powders of the VINNAPAS® T series for tile adhesives for the in- and outdoor application of large-format, heavy porcelain tiles. WACKER further showcases innovative solutions for smooth floors and functional façade applications. Designed by the architect Marko Brajovic, the booth itself serves as a reference and demonstration object, as the products used contain WACKER technologies.

At this year's Expo Revestir, also known as "Latin America's Architecture and Construction Fashion Week", WACKER is showcasing its extensive expertise in construction solutions on a floor space totaling almost 90 m2. The booth layout, developed by the architect Marko Brajovic, has the look and feel of a chemistry laboratory and will give visitors a chance to test WACKER's solutions themselves.

VINNAPAS® technology for modern construction challenges

For the first time, WACKER is demonstrating at Expo Revestir how its polymer binders can support new challenges in the construction industry. Dispersible polymer powders of the VINNAPAS® brand are plasticizer-free thermoplastics based mainly on vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymers (VAE). Mortars modified with VINNAPAS® ena-ble formulations and applications with completely new characteristics and highly specified property profiles. This makes them particularly suitable for challenging applications such as façade plasters, self-leveling compounds and tile adhesives for all kinds of tiles.

For Large-Format Porcelain Tiles: The VINNAPAS® T series

When it comes to critical materials such as natural-stone surfaces, large tiles and densely sintered porcelain stoneware, the requirements for tile adhesives are huge. Traditional cement mortars often have difficulty coping with the many different demands of modern construction. This is where polymer chemistry comes into play: VINNAPAS® powders offer strong adhesion, high flexibility, optimum ease of processing and a prolonged open time. A special focus at Expo Revestir is on thixotropic VINNAPAS® T-class powders, as they permit the formulation of highly non-slump tile adhesives. Thus, they enable a wide range of different tiles to be laid fast and easily, cost-effectively and without any slipping - never mind if it's floor and wall tiles, small and large-format or porous and non-porous tiles. VINNAPAS® modified mortars further make it possible to bond tiles to other tiles, wood, PVC, cement screed or fiberboard.

Visit WACKER at Expo Revestir 2014 at booth 3065.


WACKER is a globally active chemical company with some 16,300 employees and annual sales of around €4.63 billion (2012). WACKER has a global network of 24 production sites, 21 technical competence centers and 53 sales offices.

Source: WACKER

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