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WACKER commissions new silicone production facilities at its Nunchritz Site

Published on 2008-09-29. Author : SpecialChem

Wacker Chemie AG officially commissioned two new production facilities for silicone polymers and sealants at its Nunchritz site. With this capacity expansion, the Munich-based chemical company is meeting rising customer demand for silicone products. Investments in the new facilities amounted to a double-digit million figure. In total, 16 new jobs were created at the site as a result. The production facilities now being ramped up are part of an extensive investment program, with which WACKER is turning Nunchritz into one of the world's largest and most modern silicone production sites. Since 1999, WACKER has invested a total of over €500 million in Nunchritz.

At its new sealant facility, WACKER is expanding capacity for one-part silicone rubber grades. Marketed under the ELASTOSIL® trademark, these grades cure at room temperature and are ideal for sealing and bonding. Applications include ready-to-use products for use as window, sanitary and glazing sealants, or for bonding mirrors and plastics.

WACKER's Nunchritz site

At Nunchritz, the WACKER SILICONES division produces pyrogenic silica, chlorosilanes, silicates, silicone fluids, silicone emulsions, antifoam agents, siliconates and silicone rubber, as well as the necessary precursors. Silicones have numerous areas of application ranging from construction and chemicals through the automotive, textiles, plastics, electrical and electronics sectors, to the cosmetics and paper industries. Silicones made in Saxony are exported all around the globe.

WACKER in Saxony

WACKER has had operations in Saxony since 1995 (Siltronic) and 1998 (WACKER SILICONES). Currently, WACKER has some 2,000 employees at Nunchritz and Freiberg, making it Saxony's largest chemical employer. At Nunchritz, there are about 900 employees, including some 60 trainees.

Source: Wacker

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