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WACKER launches New Environmentally-Friendly Polymer Dispersion for the Chinese Coatings Industry

Published on 2009-11-23. Author : SpecialChem

Shanghai -- As one of the world's leading producers of binders and polymer additives for coatings, construction chemicals and adhesives, the Munich-based WACKER Group launched a new cutting-edge product at Chinacoat 2009. The water-based dispersion called VINNAPAS® EF718 enables the formulation of ultra low VOC and low odor interior paints. Other products to be presented focus on sustainable solutions to meet demand in China, including environmentally friendly binders and dispersions for the mid-end odorless interior paint market.

At the 14th Chinacoat, WACKER came under the spotlight with its new dispersion VINNAPAS® EF718. The product represents a new advancement in VAE polymer technology and was developed for the China market based on a conjoint analysis with Chinese customers targeting the mid-end odorless interior paint market.

The emulsion is an aqueous dispersion of a vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) copolymer. It was developed as a low VOC, APEO free binder for environmentally friendly and low odor paints. It offers excellent performance including scrub resistance, early water resistance and low odor and can be used as a cost competitive replacement for a variety of technologies including vinyl acrylics and styrene acrylics. As an application binder for architectural coatings, VINNAPAS® EF718 offers an excellent balance of performance with the ability to formulate low odor paints at ultra low VOC levels (<10 g/l). It can also be formulated over a broad range of PVCs successfully replacing other technologies.

VINNAPAS® EF718 requires no coalescent to form a film because of the "self-coalescence" of VAE copolymers. This provides a polymer that requires no cosolvent to form a film and therefore can be formulated into low odor low VOC paints. The new polymer dispersion offers improved thickener response over other VAE and vinyl acrylic commercial products. Improved thickener response results in the ability to reduce total thickener requirements, thereby allowing paint formulators to further reduce raw material costs.

VAEs are a relatively new technology to China, but have gained widespread acceptance throughout the architectural coatings industry because of the growing trend of low odor paints and the advantage VAE technology can provide in producing low odor and environmentally friendly paints. As the global leader in VAE technology, WACKER is well positioned to provide polymers that meet the challenging and environmental demands of the coatings industry.

Further WACKER product highlights at Chinacoat 2009:

SILRES® HP: SILRES® resins are specialty polysiloxanes that serve as binders or hardeners for paints and surface coatings. The new SILRES® HP product line combines the usual characteristics associated with silicone resins, such as excellent weathering resistance, with the property that it can already cure at room temperature, as a two component system. Coating systems modified with SILRES® HP are resistant to solvents, and are more resistant to and better protected from aggressive UV radiation, corrosion and chemicals. They are mostly used for applications which have to endure heat, intense sunlight and moisture.

VINNOL® Surface-Coating Resins: VINNOL® is the WACKER brand name for a broad range of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers, both with and without functional groups. They accordingly have a wide variety of uses. All VINNOL® grades can be combined with each other, allowing the coating or printing ink to be customized to the requirements of the application, e.g. for the formulation of gravure and screen printing inks, for inkjet inks, and for metal and metalized substrates, such as heat-sealing coatings. Further applications include plastic coatings, wood varnishes or adhesives for fittings.

HDK® Pyrogenic Silicas: Pyrogenic silicas from WACKER (brand name: HDK®) are ideal for controlling viscosity and powder flow, for reinforcing coating materials, printing inks, composites and adhesives, as well as for many other applications. In the formulation of low-solvent coatings (high solids), such as for automotive coatings and solventless and water-based systems, HDK® pyrogenic silicas offer selective control over coating thickness and leveling. Moreover, HDK® pyrogenic silica improves the storage stability of the systems by effectively preventing pigment and filler sedimentation. In clear coats, HDK® pyrogenic silicas ensure high transparency.

Source: WACKER

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