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WACKER Presents New Alpa-Silanes that Improve the Properties of Adhesives and Sealants

Published on 2005-08-01. Author : SpecialChem

MUNICH -- At EUROCOAT 2005 in Lyon, France, from September 27 to 29, the Munich-based WACKER Group will be presenting novel organofunctional alpha-silanes for the coatings, adhesives and sealants industries. The additives enhance the application properties of coating materials and enable the formulation of scratch-resistant coating systems that are harmless when used as intended.

WACKER has expanded its successful range of GENIOSIL® organofunctional silanes. At EUROCOAT 2005, the chemical group will be presenting a new generation of organofunctional a-silanes in which the classic propylene bridge has been replaced by a methylene bridge. The result: the new silanes are extremely reactive and facilitate much better hydrolysis and condensation of the Si-alkoxy groups than standard-grade silanes.

This turbo effect can be exploited to produce completely novel fast-curing adhesives and sealants. Paints and surface coatings, too, benefit from the markedly improved coating properties conferred by WACKER's new GENIOSIL® a-silanes. It all boils down to the crosslinking mechanism. Thus, automotive finishes formulated with GENIOSIL® not only feature excellent curing and improved adhesion. They also offer better hardness and scratch resistance along with chemical resistance. Manufacturers of furniture coatings can also use these innovative GENIOSIL® silanes to produce scratch-proof coatings that are considered harmless when used as intended.

New Terpolymer from WACKER POLYMERS

At EUROCOAT, WACKER will also present a new generation of terpolymers based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and methyl methacrylate. Developed exclusively by WACKER POLYMERS, VINNAPAS® terpolymers combine the benefits of polyvinyl alcohol-stabilized vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAc/E) copolymers with the strengths of styrene acrylate or pure acrylate. Terpolymeric VINNAPAS® binders are highly efficient and offer excellent mechanical stability. They have a proven track record of enhancing the properties of cementitious dry-mix mortars.

Self-leveling flooring compounds modified with the new terpolymers are extremely wear resistant and display very good flow properties with all plasticizing admixtures. Additionally, the terpolymeric binders impart good tensile adhesive strength to cementitious tile adhesives, especially for critical heat aging.

Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints Initiative Now Focusing on Eastern Europe

The "We Help Facades" silicone resin emulsion paints (SREP) initiative launched by WACKER SILICONES in 2003 is firing on all cylinders again this year. Having focused last year on France, Spain and Portugal, the participating companies have now turned their attention to Eastern Europe. Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Czech language versions of the official website are currently being prepared. By year-end, the website will be available in more than 15 languages.

Further WACKER Product Highlights at EUROCOAT 2005:

  • SILRES® Silicone Resins Boost the Heat Resistance of Surface Coatings
  • SILRES® resins are specialty polysiloxanes that markedly enhance the heat resistance of coatings and polymers. They serve as binders for high-temperature-resistant paints and surface coatings. Preferred applications are automotive exhaust systems, heat shields and aerospace engines, heat-resistant exterior paints in the chemical industry, crude-oil extraction and refining, and the coating of ovens, cookers, grills and baking trays.

  • SILRES® BS: Silicone Resin Emulsion Paints for Effective Facade Protection
  • SILRES® BS silicone resin emulsion paints (SREPs) rank among the latest facade coating systems. The reason for their huge success is a good marriage of the outstanding properties of mineral and synthetic-resin-bound paints. This includes very high water-vapor permeability, very low water absorption and extreme longevity. SILRES® BS products are innovative, environmentally-compatible raw materials for the production of water-repellent masonry coatings, construction chemicals and materials.

  • Extention Insulation and Finish Systems with VINNAPAS® Redispersible Powders
  • VINNAPAS® redispersible powders are high-quality binders for the modification of systems based on cement and gypsum plaster. These are used in numerous construction-industry applications to enhance tile adhesives, self-leveling flooring compounds, mineral plasters, joint sealants, sealing slurries, gypsum plasters, repair mortars, and powder paints. Increasingly, they are also used as components for extension insulation and finish systems (EIFS). Dry mortars modified with VINNAPAS® redispersible powder feature excellent adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength. Depending on the type of powder, hydrophobic (i.e. water-repellent) property enhancement is also possible when requested.

  • VINNOL® Surface-Coating Resins: Versatile Binders for Industrial Coatings and Printing Inks
  • VINNOL® is the WACKER brand name for a broad range of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymers. The range contains grades both with and without functional groups, and so offers a wide spectrum of uses. All VINNOL® grades can be combined with each other, a fact which allows the coating or printing ink to be customized to the requirements of the application. VINNOL® E grades, which have excellent pigment wetting, are suitable for formulating gravure and screen-printing inks, as well as inkjet inks. The VINNOL® M grades, which contain carboxyl groups, show outstanding adhesion to metal. Therefore, they are the binders of choice for formulating printing inks and surface coatings for metal or metallized substrates. Further applications of VINNOL® include plastic coatings, wood varnishes and adhesives for PVC pipes.

  • PIOLOFORM® - Polyvinyl Butyrals for the Surface Coatings and Printing Inks Industry
  • PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals are versatile binders. They exhibit excellent adhesion to aluminum foils and plastic films and are therefore the preferred binders for formulating printing inks for flexible laminate packaging. PIOLOFORM® polyvinyl butyrals are flexible, odorless and tasteless and show low solvent retention. Formulations based on specialty low-viscosity grades can absorb more pigments and thereby greatly increase the intensity of the ink. PIOLOFORM® is also indispensable in a large number of industrial coatings, such as corrosion-protection primers, masonry paints and plastics paints.

  • VINNAPAS® Solid Resins: Polyvinyl Acetate for Coatings and Adhesives Applications
  • Due to their excellent adhesion to various substrates, such as wood, cardboard and metal, VINNAPAS® solid resins are the preferred binders for solvent-based adhesives in the adhesives industry. VINNAPAS® can also be used to formulate primers for metallizing packaging or modifying NC coatings. The product range covers homopolymers and copolymers in various viscosities and delivery forms.

  • HDK® Pyrogenic Silicas - Flow Behavior of Liquid and Powder-Form Coating Materials Always Under Control
  • Pyrogenic silicas from WACKER (brand name: HDK® pyrogenic silicas) are ideal for thickening, controlling powder flow and reinforcing coating materials, printing inks, composites and adhesives, as well as many other applications. In the formulation of low-solvent coatings (high solids), such as for automotive coatings and solventless and water-based systems, HDK® pyrogenic silicas offer selective control over coating thickness and leveling. Moreover, HDK® pyrogenic silicas improve the storage stability of the systems by effectively preventing pigment and filler sedimentation. In clear coats, HDK® pyrogenic silicas make for high transparency.

Visit WACKER at EUROCOAT 2005, Booth B8, Hall 6.

Source: WACKER

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