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WACKER Self-Adhesive Liquid Silicone Rubber Revolutionizes Composites

Published on 2003-11-26. Author : SpecialChem


The new ELASTOSIL® LR 3070 family of self-adhesive liquid silicone rubbers make the production of multicomponent parts extremely simple, reliable and cost-efficient. The products find applications in areas as diverse as the automotive and sanitary industries.

ELASTOSIL® liquid silicone rubber grades are paste-like, readily pigmentable two-part mixtures that fully cure in an extremely short time. Even without a primer, they offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, from thermoplastics and thermosets to metals or glass. This makes them ideal for producing multicomponent articles.

Self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber grades are also characterized by excellent mechanical and electrical properties. There are no problems in processing them by injection molding or at high temperatures. Multicomponent parts, such as showerheads or steering wheel keypads can be molded in a single operation. This reduces unit costs, while also cutting energy consumption.

The new ELASTOSIL® LR 3070 product family is extremely versatile, with applications in medical technology, electronics and electrical equipment, through to sanitary and household goods. Silicone elastomers' major advantage in the dynamically growing automotive sector is the stability of their properties over a wide temperature range from roughly -50°C to +180°C. Silicone rubber products also offer excellent inherent flame resistance compared to other materials. If required, this property can be even further improved by means of additives.

Source: Wacker

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