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Wacker Showcases UV-Activated Curing of Silicone Rubber for High-Voltage Applications

Published on 2010-08-24. Author : SpecialChem

Munich -- At CIGRE 2010, Wacker, the Munich-based chemical group, is showcasing a new silicone curing technology for applications in the transmission and distribution industry called POWERSIL® UV. The curing of the new UV activated silicone elastomer is initiated by brief irradiation with ultraviolet light. After that, the curing process proceeds independently at room temperature. The new technology allows for flexible and cost-efficient silicone processing. CIGRE 2010 is taking place from August 23 to 27 in Paris, France.

A technology with a proven track record in the electronics industry has good prospects of repeating its success in high-voltage engineering: Wacker's new UV-activated curing technology. In contrast to conventional silicone elastomers, which cure at elevated temperatures, curing of these novel silicones is activated by irradiation with UV light, whereupon the crosslinking reaction starts. It then proceeds without any further aid.

The technology has numerous advantages: UV-silicones cure rapidly and their process parameters can be adjusted to the users' requirements. Also, no byproducts are released. Wacker has now incorporated this innovative technology into its POWERSIL® UV series making these advantages available to the transmission and distribution industry.

Silicone elastomers are ideal insulating materials for high-voltage applications and are used, e.g. in combinations with glass-fiber-reinforced epoxy resin, to manufacture long-rod and hollow insulators. Other important applications include cable accessories, surge arresters and bushings. They take advantage of the material's excellent electrical and hydrophobic properties, as well as its weathering stability.

POWERSIL® UV silicone elastomers for the T&D industry not only offer developers high production speeds. As UV-active silicones, they also cure rapidly at room temperature, allowing for energy- and cost-efficient processing.

About Wacker Polymers:

Wacker Polymers is a leading producer of state-of-the-art binders and polymer additives in the form of dispersible polymer powders and dispersions, polyvinyl acetates, surface coating resins and polyvinyl alcohol solutions. These products are used by companies in the construction, automotive, architectural coatings, nonwovens, paper and adhesives sectors, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and surface coatings. WACKER POLYMERS has production sites in Germany, China, South Korea and the USA, as well as a global sales network and technology centers in all major regions.

Source: Wacker

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