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WACKER SILICONES Presents New Hybrid Adhesive at ISGATEC 2007

Published on 2007-04-05. Author : SpecialChem

Munich -- At the 5th International Sealing and Gasket Technology (ISGATEC) tradeshow, WACKER will be presenting several silicone adhesives that offer significant performance and efficiency advantages. The key product highlight is a new hybrid adhesive which combines the typical characteristics of silicones - excellent water repellency, high elasticity and high thermal resistance - with new properties. This year's ISGATEC will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 27 - 29.

One of WACKER's product highlights at ISGATEC is the new adhesive GENIOSIL® N 550. This hybrid adhesive and sealant does not bleed or outgas and can be painted with suitable paints in a cured state or wet in wet. These salient characteristics make it suitable for use in automotive and rail applications. GENIOSIL® N 550 is easy to process and shows excellent primerless adhesion to most plastic, metal, glass and ceramic surfaces.

Further product highlights at ISGATEC are compressible adhesives and sealants from WACKER SILICONES. They are available as one-part or two-part silicone rubber grades and two-part silicone foams. The one-part ELASTOSIL® RT 710 and ELASTOSIL® RT 713 are general-purpose sealants for FIPG and CIPG applications. ELASTOSIL® 710 is especially recommended for encapsulation purposes in the electronics industry. For rapid curing, the two-part ELASTOSIL® RT 773 should to be used. It is ideally suited for FIPG application.

WACKER SILICONES will also be presenting its two-part ELASTOSIL® SC 835, 870 and 890 silicone foams, which are addition-curing silicone rubbers. During curing, ELASTOSIL® SC 835 and 870 form a mainly closed-cell foam, and ELASTOSIL® SC 890 a mainly open-cell foam. They are recommended for sound and heat insulation, shock and vibration damping, 3-dimensional gasket beads and foam laminates, among other applications.

Last, but not least, WACKER will be presenting the new fluorinated sealant ELASTOSIL® E 143 F VP. Its outstanding product characteristics - i.e. excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance up to 220 °C and excellent durability - make this sealant most suitable for sealing engines and transmission housings. Its excellent behavior raises the benchmark in FIPG applications that come into contact with aggressive media such as gasoline and engine oil.

Source: WACKER

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