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WACKER Starts Production of Redispersible Powders in China

Published on 2005-08-31. Author : SpecialChem

Munich / Zhangjiagang -- The Munich-based WACKER Group has inaugurated a spray drying facility for the production of VINNAPAS® redispersible powders in China. The new facility, located in the chemical park of Zhangjiagang (Jiangsu Province) offers world-class technology and capacity. The new site's investment costs, including all infrastructural measures, are estimated at EUR 10 million.

WACKER President and CEO Dr. Peter-Alexander Wacker said: "The investment is WACKER's response to a rise in Chinese demand for VINNAPAS® redispersible powders that enhance cementitious dry mortars. The new spray dryer in China will reinforce and further expand WACKER's leading position in this important growth market."

WACKER is the world's largest maker of redispersible powders. The WACKER POLYMERS business division has been producing redispersible powders and dispersions for the construction industry for more than 45 years. VINNAPAS® redispersible powders are thermoplastic polymers derived mostly from vinyl acetate and ethylene. They serve as film-forming binders in a large number of applications, including tile adhesives and joint fillers, mineral plasters, sealing slurries, gypsum, repair mortars, self-leveling flooring compounds and powder paints. They enhance important properties in the end product, such as adhesion, cohesion, flexibility and flexural strength. Water retentivity and processing properties also benefit from VINNAPAS®.

China's growing demand for VINNAPAS® redispersible powders is chiefly due to the need for dependable, lightweight and energy-efficient building materials. More and more Chinese houses are being lined with exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS). Studies conducted by WACKER in China have shown, that exterior insulation systems enable energy savings of up to 50 percent. VINNAPAS® is a major component of the specialty mortars used in these systems. The redispersible powder is responsible for ensuring that the individual layers which make up such systems are bonded together permanently. Inside the mortar itself, VINNAPAS® forms a polymeric film that not only improves the adhesion of the mortar, but also makes it more flexible and resistant to impact.

Through its subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, WACKER POLYMERS has now established a presence in all of China's key economic centers. This ensures optimum levels of collaboration with local customers. A key role in all this is played by WACKER's Shanghai technical center. It provides all the applied technology services that WACKER POLYMERS Asian and, above all, Chinese customers need for their growth. The technical center especially renders invaluable assistance in the formulation of dry-mortar blends. WACKER is conducting research into country-specific construction applications and testing local raw materials. It is also collaborating closely with universities, scientific institutes, standards committees and authorities, and thereby making an important contribution to the formulation of standards and guidelines for the use of dry mortars in China.


WACKER POLYMERS is the global market leader in high-quality binders and polymer additives. The product portfolio includes construction-chemical products, functional polymers for surface coatings and other industrial applications, as well as basic chemicals (acetyls). WACKER POLYMERS' redispersible powders, dispersions, solid resins, powder binders and surface coating resins are used in the construction, automotive, paper and adhesives industries, as well as by manufacturers of printing inks and industrial paints.

WACKER POLYMERS has production sites in Germany, in the U.S., and in China, as well as worldwide sales offices and technology centers in all key regions. In 2004, the business division generated sales of EUR 424 million and employed about 950 employees. VINNAPAS® redispersible powders are produced in Burghausen (Germany), Calvert City (USA), and Zhangjiagang (China).

Source: WACKER Group

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