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Wacker to Display GENIOSIL® N - Hybrid Adhesives with High Performance at the 2011 Concrete Show

Published on 2011-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

São Paolo -- Under the motto "Our + in Chemistry," the Munich-based Wacker Group will present innovative polymer and novel silicone solutions for concrete construction applications at the 2011 Concrete Show South America in São Paulo, Brazil. The product portfolio includes dispersible polymer powders for flexible cementitious water proofing membranes and self leveling compounds. Additional highlights are fast-curing, one-component adhesives and sealants based on Wacker's novel alpha-silane technology and silane-based water repellents for long lasting concrete protection. The Concrete Show South America takes place from August 31 to September 2, 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil.

At this year's Concrete Show, Wacker is showcasing its expertise in the field of challenging concrete and construction applications. The focus is on quality, performance and added-value advantages that Wacker offers through its products and technologies, some of which will be on view in elaborate exhibits. In addition, Wacker's technical experts will offer informative discussions and provide product insights for existing as well as prospective customers.

VINNAPAS® Dispersible Polymer Powders for Demanding Applications

With VINNAPAS® dispersible polymer powders, end products display enhanced workability, good adhesion to all substrates, greater flexibility and flexural strength, and improved weather resistance. Accordingly, VINNAPAS® is ideally suited as binder for demanding applications, such as tile adhesives, plasters, cementitious water proofing membranes and self-leveling compounds.

The innovative VINNAPAS® 5014 F, for instance, combines two functions in one, since it is not only a polymeric binder but also a highly efficient superplasticizer. Only 1 to 2 percent dispersible polymer powder provides a sufficient superplasticizing effect on its own. Moreover, VINNAPAS® 5014 F increases the compound's stability against water over-dosage and reduces its shrinkage. The shear-thinning rheology of VINNAPAS® 5014 F improves pumping characteristics for machine application. That makes it ideal for formulating efficient, pumpable self-leveling compounds.

Further emphasis lies on dispersible polymer powders with special hydrophobic properties, such as VINNAPAS® 8034 H. The vinyl chloride-ethylene-based dispersible polymer powder offers low water up-take on mortars as well as an excellent workability and an improved adhesion. As VINNAPAS® 8034 H gives a formulation very good water repellency, the product is particularly suitable for plasters, tile grout mortars or wall and joint fillers.

GENIOSIL® N - Hybrid Adhesives with High Performance

The future belongs to adhesives offering the combination of strength and elasticity needed for a broad range of challenging applications. Wacker has therefore developed a new range of adhesives and sealants called GENIOSIL® N. These fast-curing, one-component adhesives are based on Wacker's alpha-silane technology, exhibiting extremely high reactivity. They are tack free providing a non-soiling surface, but also offer sufficient tooling time and an extremely long shelf life. The alpha-effect permits the formulation of tin-free systems - representing a technological leap in user safety.

The product line includes a large selection of adhesives. These range from highly elastic sealants (GENIOSIL® N25 and GENIOSIL® N35) to the mirror adhesive GENIOSIL® N45, to the high-strength, plasticizer-free adhesive GENIOSIL® N70. Wacker's crystal-clear sealant GENIOSIL® N35C is indispensible for interior applications such as furniture and cabinet construction, especially when the adhesive joint shouldn't be visible.

SILRES® BS CREME C - Silane-Based Hydrophobic Impregnation for Concrete At the 2011 Concrete Show South America, Wacker will also present SILRES® BS CREME C, an aqueous, solventless, creamy, silane-based water-repellent for impregnating both normal and reinforced concrete. SILRES® BS CREME C is recommended particularly for hydrophobic treatment and priming concrete and reinforced concrete used in building bridges, roads and buildings. In principle, it may be used on any alkaline substrate that has been treated previously with concentrated or undiluted hydrophobic impregnating agents, such as alkoxysilanes. It provides a dramatic reduction in chloride and water absorption and a comprehensive protection against salt ingress which can lead to serious structural damage in reinforced concrete substrates.

SILRES® BS CREME C provides optimum resistance to alkalis and has unique thixotropic properties. Unlike conventional liquid products, the silane-based product can be applied in just one coat. The active ingredient penetrates quickly and converts into a polymeric silicone resin, when reacting with the substrate. The creamy layer disappears completely in a few hours. SILRES® BS CREME C does not clog the pores or capillaries, nor does it affect the substrates ability to "breathe". It is designed to penetrate deeply into concrete so as to afford optimum protection against absorption of water and pollutants as well as freeze and thaw.

VINNAPAS® 5028 E and VINNAPAS® 7055 E

Dispersible Polymer Powders with Enhanced Properties

Wacker will also present the polymer powder grades VINNAPAS® 5028 E and VINNAPAS® 7055 E. VINNAPAS® 5028 E is a dispersible powder that offers excellent adhesion, high binding power and enhanced water resistance. The combination of these properties is ideal to formulate high performance ceramic tile adhesives that improve laying and fixing of extra large tiles. VINNAPAS® 7055 E incorporates enhanced crack-bridging properties and high impact resistance, even at low temperatures. VINNAPAS® 7055 E is ideally suited for formulating water proofing membranes.

Both products offer enhanced properties, hence the "E" in the label. This ensures improved workability, enhanced adhesion, water resistance of the application and several other benefits. For instance, flexible cementitious water proofing membranes should be formulated with at least 20 percent VINNAPAS® E-class polymer powder in order to achieve maximum flexibility and crack-bridging properties. Combining VINNAPAS® E-class products and VINNAPAS® products of other classes is possible as well. Semi-flexible cementitious water proofing membranes provide superior performance if formulated with VINNAPAS® E-class and VINNAPAS® H-class (i.e. hydrophobic, water repellent) dispersible powder polymers.

Additional highlights at Concrete Show South America 2011

GENIOSIL® W waterproofing liquid membranes: These ready-to-use products are based on special alpha-silane-terminated hybrid polymers, which combine the benefits of polyurethane and silicones in one single product. The one-component system is solvent-free and virtually odorless and displays good adhesion on many substrates, even without primer. The moisture-curing products form a stable, tack-free surface, are waterproof, yet vapor-permeable. They are also UV & weathering resistant. GENIOSIL® W is especially suitable for permanent waterproofing of large surfaces such as flat roofs, balconies, patios and basement walls.

ELASTOSIL® M for mold-making purposes: Wacker provides special two-part, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubbers for mold making, sold under the ELASTOSIL® M brand. These silicone grades provide excellent fidelity of reproduction and are suitable for making all kinds of molds and for all types of reproduction material, including concrete and plaster. Thanks to their great flexibility and outstanding release properties, ELASTOSIL® M rubbers separate very easily from the model. Their high resistance to the reproduction material means they can be used over and over again.

About Wacker

Wacker is a globally-active chemical company with some 16,300 employees and annual sales of around €4.75 billion (2010). Wacker has a global network of 26 production sites, 20 technical competence centers and 50 sales offices.

Source: Wacker

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