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Weilburger Introduces Water-based 2-Component Adhesive for Food Packaging

Published on 2011-10-25. Author : SpecialChem

Gerhardshofen -- Weilburger Graphics GmbH, settled in the Franconian Gerhardshofen, launches a radical innovation in the field of film laminating adhesives, its new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 29-3536 375222 onto the market. The film laminating adhesive was especially developed for the application in the field of food packaging and for odour-sensitive products. SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 29-3536 375222 is a water-based 2-component adhesive with excellent adhesion values for lamination of all common film types to absorbent substrates. The use of carefully selected raw-materials on a constant high-quality level in combination with an ISEGA certificate enables the legal use of this adhesive for food packaging and for packing of odour-sensitive goods.

"Caused by the development of this innovative adhesive we can close once again a gap in the field of food packaging. The use of film laminated packaging on the basis of the latest regulations was impossible until now due to lacking availability of low-migration film laminating adhesives. Our new product gives completely new opportunities for producers and designers in the field of food conform packaging and we are very excited which new applications can be achieved with our new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 29-3536 375222", Arno Dürr, sales director of Weilburger Graphics GmbH.

Also the new SENOBOND® WB FILM LAMINATING ADHESIVE FP NDC 29-3536 375222 sequences smoothly in the recently launched new ident number system of the company. Weilburger Graphics GmbH has re-catalogued its complete range of products and re-evaluated it in terms of its food conformity in accordance with current statutory requirements and the recommendations issued by the key testing institutes and certifying bodies FABES and ISEGA as well as by the Swiss Commodities Act SR 817.023.21.

In its recently published product manual "Safe printing - safe packaging", Weilburger Graphics presents its reworked product class list and provides its customers and other interested parties with comprehensive information on the application options of the individual product classes in direct and indirect contact with food in accordance with current statutory provisions as well as with more detailed information on the subject and related areas.

About Weilburger

Weilburger Graphics can look back over more than 100 years' experience as a manufacturer and supplier of coatings and finishing processes for the printing industry. Weilburger Graphics GmbH, a GREBE Group enterprise, is an internationally renowned specialist in the development, production and sale of coatings for the graphics industry.

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