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Zeon Chemicals develops new fully saturated HNBR with enhanced low temperature flexibility

Published on 2004-02-02. Author : SpecialChem

Zeon Chemicals is continuing to break boundaries by introducing Zetpol® 4300, a fully saturated hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber (HNBR) that combines the advantages of exceptional low temperature performance with outstanding heat and oil resistance.

Known for its ability to withstand both extreme low and high temperatures and maintain excellent physical properties and compression set resistance, Zetpol 4300 is suitable for a wide array of applications. These include seals, gaskets, hoses, and diaphragms in the automotive, oil and aerospace industries.

Zeon continues to offer the broadest line of HNBRs with low temperature grades including Zetpol 3310, 4310 and 4300. By developing Zetpol 3310 and 4310, Zeon took low temperature performance to the next level using innovative terpolymer technology with precise control of molecular structure. Building on this success, Zeon has now created Zetpol 4300, which offers the low temperature properties with the added benefits of a fully saturated HNBR, including excellent heat and fluid resistance.

According to Dave Rosbottom, Business Manager of Zetpol HNBRs, "The introduction of Zetpol 4300 is a direct result of Zeon Chemicals’ strong commitment to bringing innovative and high quality products to the marketplace."

About Zeon Chemicals L.P.

Zeon Chemicals L.P. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeon Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in specialty elastomers, polymers and specialty chemicals. Zeon Corporation is one of the top producers of polymers in the world with plants in Asia, North America and Europe, and Research and Development laboratories in Kawasaki (Japan), Louisville (KY, USA) and Barry (UK).

Zeon Chemicals, headquartered in Louisville, is the leading producer of specialty elastomers in the USA. It produces Nipol® NBR, HyTemp® and Nipol ACM, Hydrin® ECO, Zetpol® HNBR and Zeotherm™ TPVs, which are used in the manufacture of hoses, seals, gaskets, belts and other parts for automotive, industrial, oil field and printing markets. Customers are served from plants in Louisville, (KY, USA) Hattiesburg (MS, USA) and Bayport (TX, USA).

Zeon Corporation, with combined sales of over US $1.5 billion, utilizes its expertise and basic position in C4 and C5 chemistry to offer a wide range of products. The company employs approximately 2,800 people worldwide.

Source: Zeon Chemicals

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