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The material selection platform
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Jul 2, 2019 | Product News

Dow Offers Silicone-based Conductive Adhesives and more for Optical Bonding

Dow had showcased a wide range of new and recently introduced silicone-based solutions such as electrically conductive adhesives, bonding material, and silicone rubber for automotive, communications...

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Apr 15, 2019 | Product News

Dow Launches Silicone Adhesive for Sensitive Electronic Components

Dow has launched DOWSIL™ EA-4700 CV Adhesive, a next-generation silicone solution for transportation assembly that is capable of room temperature curing at faster speeds while maintaining the...

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May 7, 2018 | Product News

Dow’s Bonding Solutions Drive Design of New Electric Taxis

Dow’s structural adhesives, bonding and sealing solutions were critical in accommodating the design requirements for the taxi’s new lightweight aluminum body structure. The new taxis began carrying...

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Apr 30, 2018 | Product News

Dow’s New Waterborne, Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Labels

Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, has introduced ROBOND™ PS-7735 Acrylic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, an all-temperature addition to Dow's line of...

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Mar 22, 2018 | Product News

Dow Automotive Offers Structural Adhesive to Enhance Lightweight Module Construction

Dow Automotive has leveraged its structural adhesives portfolio & development expertise to offer BETAFORCE™, BETAMATE™ & BETASEAL™ solutions to enhance lightweight module construction. Structural...

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Feb 8, 2018 | Product News

Dow’s New Solvent-borne Laminating Adhesive Provides Food Safety & Sustainability

Dow has introduced ADCOTE™ HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives. The solvent-borne laminating adhesive technology reaffirms Dow's commitment to innovation. The technology offers sustainability benefits...

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Nov 24, 2017 | Product News

Dow Unveils PSAs for High-performance Release Liners at APFO 2017 Expo

Dow Performance Silicones has announced its participation at APFO 2017 Expo. It is unveiling its pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) and advanced silicone release coatings for high-performance...

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Nov 22, 2017 | Product News

Dow’s Newly Launched Automotive Adhesive Accelerates Assembly and Lowers Production Costs

Dow has introduced a new high-performance material to its growing portfolio of advanced assembly solutions for the automotive industry. The adhesive develops strong adhesion to metal and plastic...

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Sep 25, 2017 | Product News

R&D 100 Awards Picks 20 Innovative Products from Dow as Finalists

R & D 100 Awards has selected Dow’s products as finalists. The selected product range includes: Dow Corning® VE-6001 UV Optical Bonding Adhesive, BETASEAL™ 16709 Glass Bonding Adhesive, ADCOTE ™ HP...

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Aug 14, 2017 | Product News

Dow Unveils New Formulation of Foam Sealant in Canada

Dow Building & Construction has introduced a new formulation of GREAT STUFF PRO™ Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant in Canada. This sealant is designed to ensure an air-tight seal around windows...

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