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3M Introduces Long-wear Adhesive for Continuous Data & Advanced Care

Published on 2022-05-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

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3M Develops Long-wear Adhesive for Continuous Data & Advanced Care3M launches medical adhesive 4576 3M™ Spunlace extended wear adhesive tape on liner. 3M Medical Tape 4576 is an acrylate-based adhesive intended for applications that require up to a 21-day wear time. It is flexible, conformable and with its excellent adhesion to the skin.

Suitable for Continuous Extended Wear

The new product is ideal for devices that require continuous extended wear, both in and out of care facilities. Longer wear times support user compliance and health economic benefits.

"People deserve to live active lives without their condition – or a device meant to monitor it – getting in the way," said Marcello Napol, vice president in 3M's Medical solutions division.

Potential to Unlock Slimer Device Profiles

Longer wear times, like 21 days, pave the path for next generation of device design.

"Adhesives are more than a simple material. They have the potential to unlock longer wear times, slimmer device profiles, and more. We're excited about 3M Medical Tape 4576 and what it can offer device developers and real-time, proactive health monitoring as a whole," added Napol.

"Collaboration is really what made 3M Medical Tape 4576 a reality," added Audrey Sherman, division scientist in 3M's medical solutions division and a leader in 3M Medical Tape 4576 development.

"The team was based in the U.S. and Japan, so it was being worked on virtually every hour of the day for a year. It's this deeply collaborative, thoughtful approach that will power future innovations," added Sherman.

Source: 3M

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