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ALFA Klebstoffe Unveils 100% PP HMA for Recycling Pocket Springs

Published on 2024-07-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

TAGS:  Sustainability / Natural Adhesives      Hot-melt Adhesives    

ALFA Klebstoffe Unveils 100% PP HMA for Recycling Pocket SpringsALFA Klebstoffe launches ALFAMELT® 2850/9, a 100% polypropylene (PP) hotmelt adhesive designed for bonding pocket springs.

The unique adhesive technology enables pure mono-material recycling of pocket springs as a single material at the end of its lifespan, marking a new benchmark in eco-friendly bonding solutions.

Advancing Efficiency and Sustainability

  • Optimal efficiency with minimal resource usage: Due to its exceptionally low adhesive consumption combined with superior adhesive strength, this approach greatly reduces costs.

  • Enhanced environmental friendliness and safety: ALFAMELT® 2850/9, being an odorless and emission-free adhesive, ensures a safer working environment and contributes to long-term environmental protection.

  • Rapid processing and effortless application: The remarkable initial tack and quick setting time of the adhesive enhance production efficiency. Additionally, its application process is smooth and can be executed automatically.

  • Minimal maintenance and high reliability: The innovative adhesive formulation of this product significantly reduces maintenance and downtime, while preventing charring and discoloration, thereby facilitating uninterrupted production processes.

  • Enduring adhesive strength and optimal durability: The adhesive’s robust bonding with non-woven fabrics guarantees a lasting bond. Enhanced heat resistance and flexibility in cold conditions ensure dependable adhesion across varying environmental conditions.

  • Effortless handling and accelerated processing: The convenient bead shape of the adhesive allows for easy and automatic filling of the melting tank. Additionally, its optimized viscosity profile and well-tuned setting time contribute to speeding up production.

Source: ALFA Klebstoffe

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